Dusseldorf is an international business and financial centre known for its fashion and trade fairs. However, you might wonder where you can buy bracelets for men in this German city, which is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia? Located in west Germany and divided by the River Rhine, this artistic city is crammed full of boutique shops, making it easy to find beautiful bespoke jewellery for both men and women. Read on to discover BAUNAT’s best pick for where to buy men’s bracelets and a short general history of men’s bracelets.


A brief history of men’s bracelets

You may be surprised to hear that men’s bracelets can be traced back as far as Ancient Rome. At that time, they were often used as a payment for a service instead of a fashion item.

After that, they fell out of fashion until the 1950s and 1960s. At that time in the United States, ID bracelets were commonly used by teenagers. However, they soon became popular for adult men too. This trend only continued until the 1970s, when ID bracelets fell out of fashion.

In the 1990s, men’s bracelets were on-trend again, with chains being particularly favoured. Since then, they have retained their popularity.
BAUNAT Dusseldorf

Where to buy men’s bracelets in Dusseldorf?

In general, the best area to buy bracelets for men in Dusseldorf is Königsallee. Königsallee is an urban boulevard with a landscaped canal running down its centre. This means it is a beautiful tourist spot, as well as an excellent shopping location. It is jam-packed with fashion showrooms and luxury jewellers, which means it is a great place to buy men’s bracelets in Dusseldorf. Our favourite jewellery store in Dusseldorf has to be…

BAUNAT Dusseldorf Showroom

Located on the iconic Königsallee, the BAUNAT Dusseldorf Showroom is the perfect place to enjoy individual guidance in a relaxed atmosphere if you are looking for men’s jewellery. Our bracelet collection is not separated into men’s and women’s, so you can browse to your heart’s content. Our jewellery experts would be delighted to welcome you into the showroom to give you tailored, one-to-one advice by appointment.

Still undecided about where to shop in Dusseldorf for a men’s bracelet? Why not check out our online collection instead? If you are still unsure, you could contact a member of our team for some individual guidance.
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