Just a few decades ago, a gold bangle or tennis bracelet was considered as jewelry reserved for women. Fortunately, this view has changed - stylish jewelry for men is hard on the rise and the selection of masculine models and designs is larger than ever before. The question "Should men wear bracelets?" can be confidently answered with "Yes, why not?". Dare!

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What are the types of noble bracelets for men?

Many men tend to limit bracelets to leather bracelets, bracelets made of sailing ropes, etc. – but there are also some options in the field of high-quality bracelets. Bangles and bracelets made of precious metal with diamonds do not look unmanly at all, quite the opposite, and besides, you prove that you have a very special and exquisite taste.

A proven classic is the gold bangle in the form of a slave bracelet. A simple model, fully suitable for everyday wear and set with diamonds – a real eye-catcher that inspires. Just as good a choice for men as for women, depending on the size and circumference of the wrist and forearm - there are models in different widths and thicknesses.

Another evergreen is the tennis bracelet, a bracelet that is studded all around and looks as if it is made of diamonds only. Models for men are usually somewhat larger than the more delicate versions for women. It is also possible to use black diamonds instead of colourless diamonds for a tennis bracelet for men. Especially in combination with white gold or platinum, this creates a very masculine and at the same time elegant look.
Men can wear more jewellery than just cufflinks - Expensive bracelets for men stylishly complement any outfit
If you are looking for bracelets for men with real diamonds that have a masculine design, bracelets with large chain links are always a safe choice. Only made of precious metal, such a bracelet looks rather plain and inconspicuous. If you want to give it a very special touch, simply add diamonds on a chain link, as with our model.

On which side do men wear a bracelet?

One big myth is very persistent, namely that the choice of hand or wrist on which men wear a bracelet would say something about their sexual orientation. This is clearly not the case - a bracelet, regardless of which side, does not show whether a man is straight, gay or bisexual. The only thing that matters is what you like and where the bracelet sits most comfortably.

Left or right, it can be worn in front of a watch as an additional highlight, as well as on the other side, according to your personal taste. Most men wear a bracelet on the left, the reason for this is morepractical: most people are right-handed, accordingly the right hand is the stronger one and is used more. Depending on the activity, a bracelet on the dominant hand can be somewhat distracting, which is avoided by wearing it on the other hand.

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What to look for when buying a diamond bracelet for men?

Go for high-quality materials that are resilient and easy to care for. For a diamond bracelet, whether for men or women, 750 gold or 950 platinum is the best basis. For the diamonds themselves, the quality plays a very decisive role in the price. There are four criteria by which diamonds are valued: the weight in carats, the colour, the clarity and the cut. Together they form the so-called 4C, which are also recorded in the certificate of the respective diamond.

Not every difference is visible – for example, a tennis bracelet for men with diamonds in VVS 1 or 2, VS 1 or 2 and also SI 1 or 2 does not differ visually from a bracelet in which flawless stones are set in FL or IF clarity. The price, however, differs dramatically.

For the best value for money, you should choose the following specifications, regardless of the weight of the diamonds in carats: VS 2 or SI 1 clarity, G or H colour and a very good cut. This will give you diamonds that look wonderful and can only be distinguished from more expensive stones by the expert with a diamond loupe. Attention, sometimes the old designations, such as Top Wesselton, are still used for the clarity, but they can easily be "translated" into the newer system with letters from D to Z.

At the same time, you should avoid low qualities – piqué diamonds with strong inclusions show imperfections to the naked eye, stones that are too yellowish stand out especially in combination with white gold or platinum, and a suboptimal cut can also disturb the look. Remember: a high-quality piece of jewellery, whether a bangle, tennis bracelet or bracelet for men, is also a solid and valuable investment.

Despite a long search, you just can't find a bracelet you like? No problem, just consider having a tailor made bracelet according to your ideas and templates.

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