2021 has been a unique year in many respects, with major aspects of social and cultural life affected by the considerable restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated measures, such as lockdowns. However, there are also positive sides to 2021.

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What are the jewellery trends in 2021?

As is often the case in times of crisis, in 2021 fashion and jewellery design has attempted to compensate the often rather depressing circumstances and sad news. In terms of trends, this year the 1990s are back, whether in the form of a dress or an elegant bracelet, in Summer 2021 here's where it's at: colourful is stylish, bold colours, even neon, are popular again, but so too are pastel tones.

For bracelets and jewellery this means: crazy designs reminiscent of sweets are trendy, as are the legendary smileys, a mix of materials ranging from metals to precious stones and pearls, or even plastic costume jewellery in dazzling colours - nothing is out of bounds. The main things is to be happy and carefree. Even Hama beads, which many people will be familiar with from their childhood craft activities, are celebrating a comeback in the form of necklaces or bracelets, which you can also easily create yourself.

Pearls, which just a few years ago were seen as somewhat old-fashioned, are likewise experiencing a revival. Not in the form of classic pearl necklaces, but rather as an accent feature in gold bracelets.

Generally speaking, the following rule of thumb applies for jewellery in 2021: It should be more opulent - alongside delicate chains and bracelets, thicker or even chunky chains, rings and bangles are bang on trend. Of particular note in this regard are "Chunky Chains", necklaces or bracelets with heavy chain links, which can even be found used individually in ring designs. The parallels with jewellery that was popular in the 90s hip-hop scene are undeniable.

Which classics are still popular in 2021?

Tennis bracelet and Toi & Moi ring by BAUNAT - The tennis bracelet remains on-trend in 2021
Irrespective of the latest bracelet trends in 2021, once again this year there are a few classics that have been enjoying increasing popularity for a number of years now. In terms of bracelets, we're talking mainly about the legendary tennis bracelet. A simple, yet highly elegant bracelet, which has credited its name to tennis player Chris Evert, and catches the eye with the brightness of the inset diamonds. An excellent choice with your little black dress on a formal occasion, but also for a casual barbecue party with friends and family.
Or are you looking for a bangle instead? Then you should take a look at the cuff bracelet, also referred to using the somewhat annoying term, slave bangle. In particular, single bracelets complete with inset diamonds are in great demand, serving as a counterpart to the tennis bracelet, as it were, in the form of a bangle.

In order to bring a little more colour into play, coloured diamonds are an increasingly popular choice. In particular, diamonds in a yellow colour are still affordable, and this year should ideally be paired with precious metal in the same colour, as seen in this yellow gold bracelet with yellow diamonds, for example.

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What is no longer popular in 2021?

In the past few years, chokers - tightly fitting chains - were very popular, however, this year a little length is clearly where it's at. Chains have to hang, preferably with a matching pendant - tight-fitting necklaces are no longer trendy.

Delicate rings also have it rather tough this summer, as the Chunky trend is really dominating. Big is beautiful, at least on your fingers, delicate jewellery is no longer the hype.

However, some things never change: a classic, elegant piece of jewellery such as a solitaire engagement ring, a golden diamond bracelet or diamond stud earrings never go out of fashion. In particular, on very formal and official occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or business events such as trade fairs, conferences, and presentations, a little understatement is never a bad thing.

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