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Black is the new white

Black is the new white! Will you pick a black wedding dress?

A white wedding dress became popular in the twenties. Before, many brides took the jump dressed in black. Lately, we’ve seen a black wedding dress revival. The start of this revival was in 2012 when Vera Wang showed her very first black wedding dress. Black was a dominant presence in her Spring collection the next year.

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We don’t see many brides considering a black wedding dress although it has some unmistakable advantages. First and foremost, black embodies elegance, secondly it slims you down making you look at your best. On top of that, a black dress stands out more than a conventional white dress, drawing all the attention to the bride to be. Because the line between gothic and stylish or morbid and elegant is very thin, so pay attention to the following points when choosing a black wedding dress. A sober interplay of lines works best completed with deliberately sought out accessories. Then, choose a stylish but straightforward hairstyle combined with subtle make-up. Don’t wear a black veil, although it is very stylish, it is reserved for funerals only.

A black wedding dress is bound to make your wedding ring pop. Black and gold is a definite win.  Discover here which diamond ring would be a perfect fit for a black wedding dress.

Looking for concrete examples of style icons? Just google Ellen Pompeo (black vintage from Yves Saint-Laurent), Sarah Jessica Parker or Avril Lavigne.

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT


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