You want to propose to the love of your life, but you want her engagement ring to be a tad more exceptional than just a yellow gold ring with a solitaire diamond? Then a black diamond engagement ring is just what you're looking for. 

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What is a black diamond?

A black diamond is also called a "carbonado" and it is indeed a 100 percent natural stone. It is not as hard as other colourless or coloured diamonds and can be found in only three places in the world. It seems black diamonds came from a meteorite that hit Earth millions of years ago. South America then bordered Africa, so the diamonds can be found in Brazil, the Central African Republic and to a lesser extent in South Africa.
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When does a black diamond fit in jewellery?

Black diamonds come into their own in various kinds of jewellery. They have a sober look and therefore fit perfectly in a minimalist necklace, or in a pair of elegant manly cufflinks. Black diamonds combine best with a white gold or platinum ring for a perfect contrast between black and white.

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Is a black diamond appropriate as an engagement ring?

A black diamond symbolises action, passion, energy, authority and power. Not exactly characteristics that you would associate with an engagement ring, but because it is such a rare stone, it is also an instant show of love. The unwritten rule dictates that a diamond in an engagement ring should be the biggest and most brilliant one you can get. However, not all women want such a bright sparkling ring. Then a black diamond engagement ring is the perfect solution for a woman with a more minimalist, subtle style. Black diamonds do not shine as brightly as a classic colourless diamond.
"It seems black diamonds came from a meteorite"
A black diamond ring has a rugged appearance, yet remains elegant enough as an engagement ring. A black diamond engagement ring in a flat pave setting exudes absolute class. A slightly convex ring also creates added elegance.

A black engagement ring for him

In these modern times, the traditions around marriage are also evolving. These days, it's not just women who wear an engagement ring, engagement rings for men are also on the rise. The “mengagement ring” or his engagement ring is back to stay, and is becoming popular partly due to the legalisation of same-sex marriages. Black diamond engagement rings are therefore perfectly suitable for men. Its rugged appearance and sober looks made it popular with most men.

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If a black diamond engagement ring is not quite what you're looking for, or you're not yet sure of your choice, please read our other articles on engagement rings before you decide on buying.

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