Are you taking the traditional approach when choosing an engagement ring? Then go for a case or bezel setting, a traditional and very labour-intensive technique for setting the diamond in a solitaire ring. A bezel, or case, is in fact the flat, thick, and wide part where the precious stone is set. But what exactly is a bezel setting?

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Diagram showing bezel setting - BAUNAT

What is a bezel setting?

We speak of a case setting, also known as bezel setting, when the diamond or other gem is completely encased by the precious metal. A perfect choice for oval and round diamonds.

The flat, thick and wide part where a diamond or other precious stone is set into your ring is what we call the bezel. This is always adapted to the shape of the stone before being soldered onto the ring. The edges of the bezel are crimped over the sides of the gem to protect it against external factors.
Ring with bezel setting from BAUNAT

The pros and cons of a case or bezel setting

The big advantage of the bezel setting is that the diamond is visibly protected against external influences. This is also the case with the channel setting. The diamond also appears visibly bigger. If you go for a ring in white gold or platinum, the metal frame will reflect the diamond’s sparkle even more.

There are, of course, some small drawbacks associated with this type of setting, too. For example, the diamond will not be able to catch the light along the side, and the ring will sometimes weigh a bit more than with a different setting.

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Mixing and matching a diamond ring in a bezel setting

The case setting is not just a good choice for solitaire rings. It is also an excellent and common choice for diamond earrings. You will also find the bezel setting in our necklace collection. If you go for a solitaire diamond pendant for your gold necklace, the risk of damage is much smaller.

Simple, delicate, contemporary and suitable for day to day use, is the best way to describe the bezel setting. It will therefore come as no surprise that the bezel setting has become increasingly popular in recent years.

What other settings are there?

A bezel setting is therefore perfect for a ring you wear every day. Because the frame, being precious metal, is less likely to damage your diamond. Would you prefer a different type of setting? See below for the other options.

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