Hollywood’s legends used to spend astronomical amounts on their engagement rings and  this generation does not shy away from this old habit. Famous musicians, actors and movie stars don’t mind adding a couple of thousands to their bill in exchange for the finest diamonds. Love is not for sale but an engagement ring most certainly is.


Béyonce is currently one of the biggest stars on earth. Jay-Z gave her a platinum engagement ring – designed by Lorraine Schwartz –– set with an 18-carat white diamond, worth about five million dollars. The quality of the diamond is so high it may be called a premium stone. The couple is still together (this may be an exception in showbiz-land), so maybe this is the price of love. Beyoncé may currently top the list of most expensive engagement rings, but the number one of all time remains Liz Taylor. Richard Burton gave her the most expensive engagement ring ever recorded in Hollywood.

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