Did you recently receivethe perfect white gold brilliant diamond ring? This gorgeous jewel should, just as you, be seen! Do you both want to shine? Accentuate your ring and your personality by putting more attention to your hands. With these nail polish tips, you will both sparkle and be the eye-catcher. 

  • Soft hues combine elegantly with your white gold brilliant ring.
  • With prominent, bright colours, your ring will be even more noticeable.
  • Go for a trendy yet stylish look with black nail polish.

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Classic Hues

You can never do wrong with light pink nail polish. The soft classic colour lets you and your white gold brilliantring shine. This is also a stylish and elegant colour that can easily be combined. Even if you have  lighter skin, this colour, like other nude tones, will suit you perfectly. White nails also work for your engagement ring.

Summer Pastel

You probably have more colourful items in your summer outfits. Therefore, you should give your nails a fitting summer look. Pastel colours always work and your white goldbrilliant  ring will suit perfectly with these soft, warm colours. This colour is perfect for a cheerful but not too eye-catching look.

Bright Colours

The right colour of nail polish will accentuate your personality as well. Do you have an distinct style, choose for more bright colours. Thanks to bright pink, ocean blue, orange or a mauve tint, you will, just like yourwhite gold brilliant ring, become the eye-catcher of the evening. Shoes, a scarf or a purse in the same colour will complete your look.

Red and More Red

Do you usually finish your make-up look with a searing red lipstick? Then your nails should not be left behind! This passionate colour also brings yourwhite gold brilliant ring to life. A sparkling accent for a woman like you that should be seen. Let the compliments come your way!

Black is Black

Your white gold brilliant ring combined with black nail polish? Striking, modern and still stylish! Finish your look with a little black dress, smokey eyes, a silver clutch and black pumps. All eyes are on you tonight!

So, there are some tips for the best nail colour for a white gold engagement ring. Are you still looking for abeautiful ring, then you are in the right place. Do you have interest or questions about a specific design, do not hesitate tocontact us.

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