All things vintage, from clothing to jewellery to furniture, have become really popular in the past decade, with a modern twist, of course. But why has this style become so trendy in recent years? Perhaps because it gives a unique look or because it gives new love to old things. Whatever the reason is, in this article, we will go through what antique or vintage jewellery is, what Art Deco is and why you should consider it for your engagement ring, and where to buy an antique diamond ring in London.



What is antique or vintage jewellery?

It might surprise you to learn that antique and vintage jewellery are actually two different things. Antique refers to a piece of jewellery made over 100 years ago, meaning that it was produced in around 1920 or earlier. Vintage, however, is used to describe jewellery that is 50 to 100 years old, meaning it was manufactured in the 1920s-1970s. If a piece of jewellery is called ‘antique style’ or ‘vintage style’, it means a modern piece of jewellery that was not produced at that time but still follows the fashions of that age. Whether you pick an actual antique diamond ring or an antique style engagement ring, you are sure to find a truly unique piece, especially if you buy in London!

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco took Europe and the United States by storm in the 1920s and 1930s and continued until World War II. It was primarily a product of the ‘Roaring ‘20s’, an era known for flappers and the Charleston. As a rejection of the strict morals of the Victorian era, Art Deco is influenced by Ancient Egyptian styles, as Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1922. It also drew from African, Native American and Asian art, incorporating natural motifs, such as flowers and leaves, with geometric shapes, such as pyramids. In terms of colours, it varied wildly from a monochrome style pairing black onyx with diamonds to brighter colours with turquoise, coral, jade, mother-of-pearl and lapis lazuli. A subtle style it certainly is not, inventing ostentatious new cuts, such as baguette, emerald and pear. Thanks to its solidity, platinum was the most popular precious metal, making it perfect for safely setting precious stones.
While bracelets were enormously popular, glamorous engagement rings and cocktail rings were also a big hit, thanks to the rise of the cocktail party. As such, choosing an Art Deco style for an engagement ring is a great idea; it will be unusual but completely on-trend. Why not consider a gorgeous cocktail ring with emerald to really shine? It is even reminiscent of Kate’s engagement ring, so it will give you a regal air! If you are looking for antique style engagement rings in London, read on!

Where can I buy antique or vintage (style) diamond rings in London?

There are lots of great places for buying antique diamond rings in London. Our advice would be to stick to the north of the river and try Mayfair or Farringdon, which are full of antique jewellery shops. If you fancy browsing a true London market, why not try Greenwich Market, Covent Garden market for vintage styles and Alfies Antique Market for Parisian-inspired Art Deco designs.

If you would rather buy a modern diamond ring with an antique style, then why not visit the BAUNAT showroom in London? Located in Mayfair, our experts would be delighted to help you choose the perfect Art Deco engagement or wedding ring to buy right in the heart of London. We work by private appointment to be sure that you get our team’s full focus.
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