Jewellery designers and artists have been inspired by the animal kingdom throughout history. Animal inspired jewellery has been a staple to express your personality, your fierceness or simply your love for nature. But where does this inspiration come from and which animal would be perfect for dainty diamond earrings?

  • Where does this source of inspiration come from?
  • Which animals are perfect for diamond earrings?

Where does this source of inspiration come from?

Animals have been used as inspiration to create ornaments and jewellery since the dawn of times.

They were initially mainly used as inspiration for amulets to protect the wearer from evil. Then, depending on the gemstones used to create these animal designs, their symbolism varied depending on the lore of each gemstone associated with the main strength of each animal.

A lore is a property or meaning that is given to a gem and that is usually magical and spiritual. For example, sapphires are believed to favour devotion and spiritual enlightenment while rubies are associated with power, wealth, and their protection.

Animals can be fierce and strong but also soft and gentle, there are so many to be inspired from that it has always been easy for designers to choose a few insects or animals when creating jewellery every year.

Ring with flower and dragonfly from the BAUNAT collection


Which animals are perfect for diamond earrings?

Whether you love wearing statement pieces for your next night out or you love accessorising your jewellery with your daily outfits, animal inspired diamond earrings are ideal feminine tributes to nature that can be worn at all times.

Butterflies have always been very popular for their lightness, their graciousness and their lovely lines that are perfect for jewellery. Diamond earring butterflies can be worn daily for work, but also for special occasions, as their meaning remains timeless for any season of the year.

Dragonflies carry the wisdom of adaptability in life and transformation which is why they are also very inspiring to designers. They make for organic and delicately crafted diamond earrings that shimmer in the light in a wonderful way.

Do you already own animal inspired diamond earrings? If not or if you wish to extend your collection then do not hesitate to browse through BAUNAT’s designer collection for unique butterfly and dragonfly earrings as well as intricate collections inspired by nature as a whole. You may also wish to contact us directly should you need further information or wish to book an appointment in one of our private showrooms.

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