We have talked about jewellery inspired by art and jewellery inspired by nature as a whole. Today, we are talking about engagement rings and other jewellery inspired by the animal kingdom.


For centuries, animals have inspired artists and goldsmiths in a number of ways. In many animal-shaped amulets are often worn to represent a favourite pet, or as a symbol for strength. 


For the last few years, animal-shaped jewellery has become increasingly popular, and people even wear them for their engagement rings.

BAUNAT loves this trend and has selected a few pieces of jewellery that beautifully represent the animal kingdom, including animal-shaped engagement rings and original diamondrings.


    Monarca Butterfly Diamond Ring

    If you want a unique animal engagement ring, the Monarch Butterfly ring is a perfect choice. This elegant and subtle butterfly diamondring is part of the Monarca collection of BAUNAT.

    This collection is inspired by the dynamic and colourful beauty of the Monarch butterfly. The diamond ring is made with 18-carat white gold and set with 0.75 carats of small high-quality diamonds.

    The Dragonfly & Flower Diamond Ring

    From BAUNAT’s Pas-de-Deux collection, this diamondring stands out because of its uniqueness and lovely combination of a dragonfly with a flower that seems to float on the ring. The diamond is set with a total of 0.55 carats of small high-quality diamonds.

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    Fluttery Whimsical Blue Brooch

    Wallace Chan is a true inventor when referring to jewellery techniques and gemstone carving. Here we have chosen a stunning butterfly brooch that highlights the unique way Wallace Chan successfully carves gemstones into the shapes he has in mind,  and the incredible technique he uses to work the metal and set the stones.

    The Flamant Corail Necklace

    This astonishing transformable necklace was created by Van Cleef & Arpels, representing a pink flamingo made from coral, pink sapphires and diamonds. In this beautiful necklace, the pink flamingo appears to reach up and spread its wings around the neck. In line with The Maison traditional look, the body of the bird itself can detach into a clip, allowing this piece of jewellery to be used in different ways.

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    This is merely a small part of the extensive global range of unique and beautiful jewellery designs that creatively represent the animal kingdom.

    At BAUNAT we have a lovely design collection of butterfly and dragonfly jewellery like the designs you have seen here. BAUNAT also has a talented team of designers available to support you throughout the entire process of designing your very own animal diamondring.
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