When you plan to purchase an engagement ring for your loved one, you often consider the traditional diamond shapes. Should you choose a brilliant or  princess cut –– the number one and two in the top ten of popular diamond shapes for engagement rings. Times change and so do diamond shapes, but we still see that many people go back to older times .  European-cut diamond ring is a lovely alternative, though it is not easy to purchase an engagement ring with this antique shape. Let’s  take a closer look at this diamond shape.



The History of European-Cut Diamonds

The European-cut dates back to before modern technology had an influence on the current diamond shapes, derived from the old mine cut, and a refinement of the cushion cut. This diamond shape is round but can be oval as well and was very popular in the late 19th, and early 20th, century. If you want to buy an engagement ring with a European cut diamond, you could try an antique dealer, although the supply will be rather limited. You should also know this diamond shape looks much duller than other diamond cuts. Moreover, antique dealers will sell these rings at heavily inflated prices.

European Cut vs. current Diamond Shapes

It is not that simple to purchase an engagement ring with a European-cut diamond –– they have usually been repolished into a modern diamond shape that sparkles more. As we mentioned before, the European cut is not known for its brilliance after all.  Because of their distinct shape, European cut diamonds have a higher carat weight than their modern-day counterparts. As an alternative for this diamond shape, we recommend a brilliant or oval cut diamond. These have a more pronounced sparkle and nowadays, that is one of the most important criteria when purchasing an engagement ring.

If you are planning to purchase an engagement ring, then you are in the correct place. Feel free to have a look at our extensive collection. Have you got any questions about or are you interested in a specific model? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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