• Which combinations are the most common?
  • How much does a multi-coloured engagement ring cost?
  • Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?

Do you want to propose to your partner with a one of a kind engagement ring and surprise your beloved with something truly unique? Choose a ring with different colours: stylish and original! Read everything you need to know about two-tone coloured engagement rings here. 


Which Combinations Are most Common in Coloured Engagement Rings?

Our wide range of engagement rings consists of rings in white, yellow and red gold, which can all be used to create multi-coloured engagement rings.. A combination of white and yellow gold is very popular. Or why not choose a bicolour or two-tone engagement ring in white and red gold to stand out from the crowd?

Red gold rings are different from the more classical jewellery in yellow or white gold and an unusual precious metal choice that suits diamonds perfectly!

How Much Do Multi-Coloured Engagement Rings Cost?

The price of a bicolour engagement ring is usually slightly higher than the price of an engagement ring in one colour. The reason for the price difference? Making a multi-coloured ring is more labour intensive since your engagement ring consists of two separate parts a jeweller needs to join together.

The final price also depends on the chosen alloys –– the more gold, the higher the price. How much your engagement ring ends up costing also depends on  the diamonds or other precious stones set in the ring.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Coloured Engagement Ring?

A two-tone engagement ring stands for pure class and absolute originality. Do you want it to be even more impressive? Design a tailor made two-tone engagement ring! Within the tailor-made approach our experts will assist you in creating a really unique piece based on your ideas and input.

Do you want to buy an exclusive engagement ring? At BAUNAT, you have come to the right place. View our wide range of engagement rings here or contact our experts via telephone, mail or chat for more information.
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