Earlier we discussed that nowadays many men also like to wear an engagement ring. In this way, they want to show their commitment of marriage to a woman. And also the increasing numbers of gay marriages  promotes this trend. An engagement ring for him, the so called (m)engagement ring, is a fact.

But does this also means that she has to do the proposal? When it comes to a proposal, most couples think that it´s the man going on his knees with a diamond engagement ring in his hand. This is a tradition for years. Now we are wondering why for many women the idea of proposing their boyfriend is so frightening. 

Why she doesn´t do the proposal

There are several reasons why the majority of women does not want to do the marriage proposal. Some would consider, but in the end decide not to do it. Tradition appears to be the main reason, but also affecting his masculinity plays an important role. While most people think that a proposal is the main responsibility of a man and that depriving his masculinity would harm him, it´s up to the woman: she is the one who would answer with yes or no.

Why she should do the proposal

It is not the way that it is (traditionally) the responsibility of the man to propose his loved on. In a society where equality between men and women is central, you have as a women the same right to put an engagement ring on his finger. Besides that, a diamond ring can emphasize his manhood. But it can be even more romantic: propose each other at the same time. An engagement is in the end a commitment between both of you. 

Who will do the marriage proposal, is both ok for us. We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond rings, for both him and her. 

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