• How do I decide whether I should propose to him?
  • Why would I propose myself?
  • When is it better to wait until he makes a proposal?

Today, not only women, but also a lot of men wear an engagement ring. They want to symbolize their commitment before marriage in the same way. But what about the proposal? Should I propose to him? Do we exchange rings with each other, or do I alone propose to him with an engagement ring?

How do I decide whether I should propose to him?

More and more women are proposing to their partner, but for many it remains a strange trend.  The age-old opinion that men should the lead is ingrained in our culture. Whether you propose to him depends entirely on you and your partner. What if we have never really talked about it? Now would be the right time to have that conversation. Moreover, not proposing does not mean that you cannot make another nice gesture. An engagement ring could simply be an thoughtful piece of jewellery, showring your commitment.

Why would I propose myself?

What if I know that he wants to marry me, but he has not yet proposed? Feel free to make your own proposal plans. Try to pay attention to the details, to be sure that he is not planning something himself. When you plan the proposal, you are best off choosing something that suits your relationship. A proposal for him should not involve any less effort than one for her.  Put as much effort and symbolism into it as he would do.

Your proposal is primarily intended to show how important he is to you. You want to share your life with him. Do not worry too much about the unconventionality of a woman proposing to her partner. What is important is you, your partner and your relationship.

When is it better to wait until he makes a proposal?

What if he already made it clear in the past that he wants to be the one to propose?  Let him have that experience. Just as many women dream about their wedding day years beforehand, many men daydream about proposing as soon as they know that you are the one. In addition, you can surprise him with an engagement ring or other symbolic gift during his proposal. You can choose the perfect gift beforehand and then wait for his initiative. It will make the proposal even more special for him by showing that this is what you want as well.

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