It has been a tradition for years that the man asks his beloved to marry him, with the associated whopper of a diamond engagement ring. She (hopefully) says 'yes', he puts the ring on her finger, and the wedding planning begins. But why should there only be an engagement ring for the future bride? More and more men want to prove their commitment to a woman by wearing a ring before marriage. Also, the increasing number of gay marriages creates a new trend: the ‘mengagement ring’, an engagement ring for men!


    Why Should I Buy an Engagement Ring For My Man?

    It used to be customary for both women and men to wear an engagement ring in the months before their wedding. The idea behind the current (m)engagement ring –– in times of equality between men and women –– is that many women want to do something in return. He went down on one knee, made it a very special time and bought a beautiful diamond engagement ring. It makes sense that you want to give something in return to thank or surprise him.

    How To Choose an Engagement Ring For a Man

    However, men do not have to worry that they will have to walk down the street wearing a solitaire engagement ring with a diamond. A (m)engagement ring can look cool, with or without diamond(s). A completely black ring or an eternity ring functions perfectly as an engagement ring and comes across as very masculine and tough. Popstar Ed Sheeran is already a big fan of engagement rings for men.

    But in times when everything may be slightly more decadent, most men still opt for an engagement ring with diamond(s) like this 0.85-carat black diamond eternity ring. The choice depends entirely on your personal preference.

    A (m)engagement ring is not a standard engagement ring, and our experts are happy to help you with the perfect customisation. Looking for other jewellery for men? BAUNAT can help you with that as well!

    Is an Engagement Ring Mandatory For Him?

    Today, more and more women take matters into their own hands and ask their partners to marry them. So a logical step is to buy an engagement ring for you man. Of course, you are not obliged to do anything at all –– just like he doesn’t have to ask you to marry him with an engagement ring. If you think your partner is not the type to wear an engagement ring, there are countless other ways to surprise him. You know your man best,inlcuding what he likes and dislikes, although we believe he will be happy with a ring.

    Do you need guidance on how to choose a perfect engagement ring for a man?  Ask for advice from the diamond experts at BAUNAT.
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