In the late 19th/early 20th century as diamond cutting techniques got better and better, more elegant diamond shapes began to emerge. Facets were getting longer and more slender and diamonds did not look as rough anymore. Diamonds were getting more and more popular with an absolute peak during the Victorian and Edwardian eras as well as the Art Deco time period. It was then that the foundation of the round brilliant was laid. Still there are some remarkable differences between the antique styles and the diamond shapes of today. We will make a comparison with the round brilliant, which is very popular today. Here we will mainly focus on its shape and on its brilliant price tag. 

Vintage diamonds were polished by hand to improve their colour and clarity. In contrast to the situation as it is today, the available amount of diamonds was rather limited in the 18th/19th century as the diamond mines in the south of Africa, which currently account for the biggest supply of colourless diamonds, had not been discovered yet. Diamond cutters back then used the most inventive techniques as possible in order to bring out the best of the stone, thus creating their unique charm and recognisable brilliance. 

The modern brilliant and an antique diamond both have 57 facets, in terms of shape and placement however, they each have their own personality. Vintage diamonds were cut to bring out colour, whereas modern brilliant are cut to achieve brilliance. Light is reflected better by the brilliant causing it to sparkle magnificently. Antique diamonds reflect the light differently and possess a more subtle sparkle.

What is the brilliant price?

Are antique diamonds more expensive than modern day brilliants? Usually they are, but the prices are comparable. Because vintage jewels are fairly rare, it is possible they have a higher price tag. In other words: they are often sold for a brilliant price. The increasing demand for jewellery with a certain kind of history, for example brilliant earrings or a white gold ring with a brilliant, influences the price as well. More and more people want a diamond with a subtle sparkle and are willing to pay any kind of brilliant price for it. Of course the brilliant is in no way inferior to antique diamonds. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous solitaire engagement ring with a brilliant. However diamond rings are available in all kinds of types and sizes. There are diamond rings for everyone’s budget and whatever brilliant price it has, we at BAUNAT will gladly assist you on this matter.

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