• When should you consider alternatives to engagement rings?
  • Which designs are the best alternatives?
  • What are the options for your husband to be?

Most of us think of an engagement ring when talking about wedding proposals as that has been part of the traditions since a few decades now. But it shouldn’t be mandatory per se. If your partner is not as keen on wearing a ring you may wish to consider other pieces of jewellery. Here are some of the best alternatives to engagement rings that are available today.

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When should you consider alternatives to engagement rings?

Women may have different reasons to explain why they sometimes do not feel comfortable wearing an engagement ring. It can be related to daily life activities, skin sensitivity or a job that requires naked hands. But it may also be that they wish a more unique piece of jewellery that represents them and therefore expect something special.

In my house I am the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.


This is when the partner should carefully consider alternatives to the classic engagement ring. Finding a piece that shows her and the world that you know her and what she loves is very important. Because this piece symbolises your commitment to one another as much as a classic engagement ring would.
Any piece of jewellery that is given as an engagement gift with a proposal is a symbol of commitment and love.

Which designs are the best alternatives?

The first design we would recommend as a perfect alternative to an engagement ring is a diamond bracelet. Both the tennis bracelet or a diamond bangle would be lovely alternatives because they are elegant and luxurious. They would certainly surprise your fiancee to be.
A beautiful diamond locket in red gold by BAUNAT
The second design that is a suitable alternative to an engagement ring is a diamond necklace. A necklace can be worn daily without ever taking it off and it can be worn with many different outfits. The perfect engagement gift for the lover of uniqueness.

What are the options for your husband to be?

Men are increasingly keen on wearing a symbol of their engagement to show their commitment to their partner to the world. But if rings are not part of their habits then we would recommend diamond set cufflinks. They look professional and elegant while the diamonds add a little extra reminding you of the diamonds your partner wears.


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