Have you ever noticed that there is some item of jewellery tomark every milestone in your life? The same goes for when you are about to propose to her. No marriage proposal without a ring, right? Would you like some advice on finding the perfect engagement ring? Or are you looking for an alternative to the traditional engagement ring, instead? That is an option, too.

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Why Look For an Alternative to Engagement Rings?

There are many reasons for choosing an alternative to the engagement ring. Not everyone likes wearing rings. In some industries, such as the healthcare and hospitality sectors, wearing jewellery is even not allowed for certain activities. You also often put rings away when you have a baby around to avoid accidentally harming the little one. Another common reason is sensitive skin, although in this case, you could also opt for an engagement ring made of hypoallergenic platinum.

You should be aware that platinum is rarer and therefore more expensive than gold. So, your choice will partly depend on your budget for her engagement ring. If you prefer an engagement ring alternative, then you also save yourself the trouble of having to find out her ring size without her finding out.
Some people hear much better when you hang a pair of diamond earrings from their ears.

What Would Be a Nice Alternative For Her?

You certainly wouldn't be the first to buy an alternative to the engagement ring. In 1953, John F. Kennedy gave his beloved Jackie a gorgeous engagement bracelet. One elegant choice is the close-fitting tennis bracelet, with fine links and diamonds in a beautiful, symmetrical design. A beautiful wedding-day accessory at the same time, too! You could also go for a sleek gold bracelet and have it engraved for your engagement.
What Would Be a Good Alternative For Him?What if you bought an engagement ring for her, rather than an alternative, but added a gold necklace to it? This means she could wear your ring loose, but close to her heart.

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What Would Be a Good Alternative For Him?

The modern man also likes to wear jewellery. These days, more and more couples even look for engagement rings for both partners. One alternative to the engagement ring for men, also known as the "mengagement ring", is a stylish watch, for instance. The classic among classics, of course, remains a beautiful pair of cufflinks, which are perfect for those looking for engagement jewellery with a vintage look
People with sensitive skin can go for an engagement ring in hypoallergenic platinum

How Can I Be Alternative, Yet Traditional?

No matter which of these diamond engagement ring alternatives you choose, diamonds are part of any marriage proposal. So, if you are looking for alternatives that still respect tradition, go for diamond jewellery.

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What If You Do Buy an Engagement Ring?

Do you already know you will make your partner super happy with just a diamond engagement ring? Then stick to tradition instead of going for an alternative. Read more about the various aspects of engagement rings in these blogs.

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