Who thinks of a marriage proposal, immediately thinks of a diamond engagement ring. It is still the jewel which shows that you are engaged. Is your girlfriend not so keen when it comes to wearing a ring, you might consider to propose her with a different type of diamond jewellery. From diamond bracelets and earrings to beautiful pendants, there are sufficient alternatives to the traditional engagement ring.

Why an alternative?

Women may have different reasons why they want to wear an engagement ring. The fact that wearing a ring is impractical during daily life activities, is one of the main reasons. But also skin sensitivity may be an important reason. More often, women expect their boyfriend to propose with a different type of jewel. Moreover, opt for an alternative is the best way to show everyone how unique your love for each other is and how good you know her.

Which alternatives?

A diamond bracelet is considered as the best alternative to a traditional engagement ring: the so-called engagement bracelet. The tennis bracelet is a favorite amongst many women. Admit it, who would not crave for a bracelet that is fully set with diamonds? Diamond earrings  are a more subtle accessory to give a nice touch to your wedding dress in a later phase. But also a heart-shaped pendant set with diamonds is in our top 3.

Alternatives for him

A large amount of men can find themselves in the idea of wearing an (diamond) engagement ring, but many do not. For them we have a nice alternative, cufflinks set with diamonds. The advantage is that they do not interfere with work in the office  and besides that they look very professional and elegant.

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? Then you have come to the right place. But you can also buy diamond alternatives with us. 

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