• Buy an engagement ring cheaper online
      • Become money-smart with the right quality features
      • Less carats for a more affordable engagement ring
      • Affordable engagement rings with non-traditional shapes
      We all know that a diamond ring can be quite expensive. However, proposing without a ring is not an option, as every woman wishes to have a beautiful engagement ring on her finger. Many men get nervous when thinking of buying a ring, but that’s not necessary. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to save on the purchase of an engagement ring without compromising on quality or appearance.



      Buy an engagement ring cheaper online

      Buying an engagement ring online may not be a really romantic thought, but the courage to break new grounds gives you many advantages. Not only you can compare prices and choose the ring from home, but you will also find an array of rings in comparison to your local jeweller.

      Additionally, when comparing engagement rings of the same quality, it’s apparent that buying online is less expensive than from a physical shop.  An online jeweller has decisive advantages when compared to a brick and mortar shop due to the agile business model and less retail overheads. The online jeweller purchases the diamond directly at the source hence the cost saving is passed directly to you, the customer.

      Become money-smart with the right quality features

      The price of colourless diamonds is determined by four important attributes which also feature on diamond certificates, those characteristics are called the 4C’s.

      One way to buy an affordable engagement ring and cleverly save money is to choose a diamond of good quality that visually doesn’t differ from the more expensive options.

      For example, if you choose a colour grade H diamond with a SI1 clarity and a very good cut for your engagement ring a non-expert will not be able to distinguish it from a very expensive flawless diamond in colour D with an excellent cut. Even a diamond expert would only be able to assess this with a diamond loupe. Another way to save money is to choose white gold or platinum as those precious metals add extra brightness and sparkle to the ring.

      By having the right strategy when comparing the diamond characteristics, you can not only save money but also find a dazzling ring without paying a premium price.

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      Less carats for a more affordable engagement ring

      Do you know that the most popular carat choices are 1, 1.5 or 2 carats?

      The reason is because many people like to choose a whole number for the carat weight. This is a psychological phenomenon which leads to a demand increase and a higher price in comparison to carat weights just below this magic numbers.
      Halo engagement ring, more affordable than a solitaire of the same size - A Halo engagement ring is an alternative affordable option
      If you choose a lesser weight, for example 0.90 carat instead of 1 carat, this will not impact the visual of the diamond but will make you save up to 30 % of the cost. A 1 carat diamond has a width of 6.5 millimetres and 0.90 carat measures 6.3 millimetres.  It you compare the difference of 0.2mm is like the thickness of a euro banknote. This marginal difference can make an engagement ring a lot more affordable.

      Affordable engagement rings with non-traditional shapes

      Traditionally, men most often choose a solitaire engagement ring for the proposal to their loved one. However, a large diamond costs more than a ring set with many small diamonds with the same carat weight.

      Therefore, choose a halo setting where the central stone is completely surrounded by small diamonds. This is a good optical trick to make the central stone appear larger. It is the ideal choice for inexpensive engagement rings that still look very impressive and convince with a particularly strong sparkle.

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