We have seen that there are quite a few settings to choose from when choosing your engagement ring or a diamond ring in general.

We are going to explain about texture and how you can give your diamond ring a complete different look by using details on the shank of your ring, thereby also increasing the visual size of a setting so it appears larger.

What is Milgrain Edging?

It is a vintage style of decoration that used to be produced a lot and today is coming back into fashion, especially for the people who like a more romantic and antique look to their rings.

It is a detail on the edge of the ring, that looks like tiny beads or grains of metal. This particular effect can actually be produced using 3 different techniques: a milgrain wheel, granulation and CAD Design.

How is it actually produced?

Milgrain wheel: it is one of the simplest of the three methods. It consists of a rotating wheel that is set into a handle, this wheel is run along the edge of the metal which simply produces the small grain effect.

Granulation: this technique actually involves soldering tiny beads individually onto the surface of the ring. It does look slightly different to the grain effect but the result is the same impression of the setting seeming larger.

CAD Design: when using todays technology to virtually create a ring from scratch, then the milgraine edging is drawn directly on the virtual ring so that it appears in the final casting when the design is actually made.

Are you a romantic? Do you particularly like antique looking settings with rich details? Then this texture is for your diamondring!

At BAUNAT we offer this beautiful decoration in our wide collection. Furthermore, should you not find a diamondring model that you like, we have a great team of designers who would be delighted to assist you in each step of the process of creating your very own unique ring that would include the migraine edging you’ve dreamed of.

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