• A diamond solitaire, a symbol of eternal love
  • The 4Cs when buying diamonds
  • A solitaire ring to keep the eternal flame burning

The solitaire ring is an undeniable mark of love, an expression of love engraved forever in a heart that has been conquered. Solitaire rings are not only beautiful, they are also a true declaration of love.

A diamond solitaire, a symbol of eternal love

Dazzling by its simplicity and striking beauty, a ring adorned with a solitary diamond on a beautiful left hand leaves no doubt that the person proudly plans their future with the love of their life. Visit the BAUNAT website to discover a selection of top quality rings.

Solitaire rings continue to be the most popular choice anywhere in the world for engagement rings. The solitaire ring is perfect for women who appreciate an elegant and classic style.

A solitaire engagement ring makes the diamond the star of the show. Women can later choose to pair their solitaire engagement ring with a diamond bracelet. To help you make a choice, contact a BAUNAT advisor now.

The 4Cs when buying a diamond solitaire ring

The 4Cs represent cut, colour, clarity and carat, which determine how jewellers classify and value diamonds.

There are tools to understand the value and quality of a diamond. But avoid the trap of basing your decision only on these variables. In fact, you should trust your eyes before choosing the right diamond for your solitaire engagement ring.

At BAUNAT you will find an exquisite range of diamond solitaire rings. Contact the BAUNAT team now to discuss your engagement ring plans. Note that the setting of the diamond solitaire generally uses four or six claws.

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