princess cut vs. brilliant

A solitaire ring: princess cut vs. brilliant

Do you prefer a solitaire ring set with a traditional brilliant or rather a princess cut diamond? Are you planning to, for example, buy a diamond engagement ring or a loose diamond as an investment, then you will notice that these 2 diamond shapes are very popular at the moment. The brilliant has been the absolute favorite for more than a century, while the square princess cut has a more modern look. Both shapes are beautiful, so what will eventually affect your choice?

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Shine and brilliance

There is little difference in shine and brilliance between a princess and a round cut diamond. They both belong to the most beautiful diamond shapes, although we can say with certainty that the round brilliant-as the name suggests- shines the brightest.

The round brilliant

A solitaire ring set with a beautiful brilliant has been traditionally the most popular engagement ring, and remains so untill today. It is the cherry-or better: the diamond - on the cake of a perfect marriage proposal. Due to its symmetrical form, a brilliant reflects light in a wonderful way, whereby the solitaire ring will always be in the spotlight.

The square princess cut

A princess cut diamond is characterized by its beautiful square shape. It is a fairly recent diamond shape, born in the 1960s. Princess cut diamonds are (more) affordable, many see them as a good alternative to the brilliant. Hereby we recommend to look for a certified diamond. At BAUNAT, the diamonds are only certified by the most reputable labs in the world, including GIA.

Personal taste

When choosing a princess or a round cut diamond , you best take into account the personal taste of your loved one. After all, they have to wear the engagement ring on their finger. A solitaire ring is always nice as engagement ring. A princess cut, however, is even more beautiful when it has another diamond on both sides, the so called trilogy engagement ring. While round diamonds will shine even more in a halo setting.

Traditionally men choose a solitaire ring set with a beautiful brilliant to propose to their beloved. A princess cut, however, should not play second fiddle. Both diamond shapes have their advantages and disadvantages.

Author: Thomas vanden Bogaerde

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