Would you prefer a solitaire ring set with a traditional round brilliant or a princess cut diamond? If you are planning to buy a diamond engagement ring or a loose diamond as an investment, then you will have probably noticed that these 2 diamond shapes are the most popular shapes at the moment.

The round brilliant with its perfect fire and scintillation, has been a favorite for decades, while the square, which is commonly called princess cut, has a more modern feel with its angular shape.

Both diamonds are beautiful in their own way, so what could make you choose one over the other?

The round brilliant

The solitaire ring set with a beautiful round brilliant has traditionally been the most popular engagement ring, and continues to be so even today. Due to its carefully studied cut which dates back centuries, the round brilliant, with its 57 to 58 facets, reflects light in the most perfect way, with maximum fire and scintillation. Thereby making the round solitaire diamond ring a timeless piece of perfection.

Moreover, the wedding ring with a brilliant is also up and coming. A rising amount of couples trade their smooth wedding for a dazzling and personalised one.

The square princess cut

The princess cut diamond is a symmetrical square diamond. It is a more recent cut, which was manufactured in the 1960s. Princess cut diamonds are a suitable alternative to the brilliant when one seeks a more angular and slightly less fiery diamond. When purchasing a princess cut, you need to make sure you purchase a high clarity graded diamond as given its cut and large table, it is important that it is eye clean.

When having to choose between the two, at the end of the day it really is just a question of taste, yours and that of your beloved one. Both diamond shapes have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is an important choice as the ring will be worn throughout your fiancée’s life.

At BAUNAT, we have a wonderful collection of round solitaire engagement rings and princess cut solitaire rings. And we guarantee that the diamonds are only certified by the most reputable labs in the world, including GIA. Do not hesitate to visit our collection online or to visit one of our showrooms where an expert will be delighted to help you in the process.

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