Princess cut and round cut are the two most popular shapes of diamonds on the market today. Both are truly beautiful in their own right but singularly different. The round cut is the original cut, the oldest of all and the princess cut is the modern cut. If you are undecided for your unique solitaire engagement ring, here is a little guide that outlines the qualities of both the round and the princess cut to help you in your decision.

  • The round brilliant solitaire engagement ring
  • The unique princess solitaire engagement ring

The round brilliant solitaire engagement ring

The round solitaire engagement ring has been the most popular ring since decades and continues being so to this day. The round brilliant cut was first created in 1919 thanks to the development of diamond saws and jewellery lathes that enabled the cutting of numerous facets. It was Marcel Tolkowsky himself that developed it through specific calculations that primarily took into account the fire of a diamond.

His cut can be considered the basis of the round cut as we know it today with its 57 to 58 facets. These facets had been closely studied for the diamond to show the most fire, brilliance and scintillation. That is why it is considered the most ideal cut to show both the inner and outer beauty of diamonds.

If these three characteristics are what you seek in a diamond then the round brilliant is perfect for your unique solitaire engagement ring. It is truly timeless with a classic twist, yet it remains over time the ultimate symbol of love and proposals.

The unique princess solitaire engagement ring

The princess cut is a more recent cut as its roots can be found in the 1960s. It is actually a symmetrical square shaped diamond. It can sometimes be found as a rectangle but the most common shape is a square.

A unique solitaire engagement ring with a halo and matching wedding band by BAUNAT.

Princess cuts are perfect when you are looking for a cut that is more angular with a slight modern feel. Furthermore, although it does present beautiful brilliance, this cut is not as fiery as a round diamond can be, which is also a reason why some people prefer princess cuts for their unique solitaire engagement ring.

The one important characteristic you need to watch out for when buying a princess cut is that it has a larger table than a round cut making inclusions more easily visible. Therefore it should either be a higher clarity grade or you should try to find a diamond with inclusions that are better located and more hidden.

Whether you are in love with the classic round or enjoy the angles of the square, the choice is yours. BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of unique solitaire engagement rings set with princess cuts or round brilliants. If you already know what you are looking for or still hesitating, browse through our online collection or contact us for guidance.

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