Traditionally people go for a solitaire ring set with a brilliant cut or a princess cut, currently the two most popular diamonds cuts. Few people consider the Asscher cut. It is nevertheless a very luxurious looking diamond shape and it exudes a certain kind of extravagance.

Time to put this particular diamond shape into the spotlight: 


The Asscher cut diamond was designed for the first time in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, member of the Dutch (diamond) family Asscher that was famous at that time for polishing the world’s largest rough diamond (the Cullinan, 3.106 carat). This diamond shape was very popular in the 1920’s and blended in the Art Deco style of that time perfectly. Back then many women preferred a solitaire ring set with an Asscher cut diamond. Around 2002 – 100 years after the first Asscher cut diamond was polished – the diamond shape started its comeback, spurred on further by a of couple adjustments that were done to make the shape sparkle more.


The Asscher cut diamond is perfectly suitable for a solitaire ring. The unique character of this stone immediately draws attention. The current increasing demand for vintage jewels is one of the reasons why this antique cut is so wanted again. The classic Asscher cut is squarely shaped, but it has ‘rounded’ angles. The modern version is almost completely identical. The facets are a bit longer, which makes the stone sparkle even more. And it is that sparkle that causes the current increase in popularity for this cut, especially when set in a solitaire ring. This is not surprising: the Asscher cut diamond is timeless, with a bit of extravagance and is perfectly in line with today’s spirit. It is a diamond shape which will definitely draw everyone’s attention to you.

A solitaire ring set with an Asscher cut diamond is nice and original as an engagement ring. Whichever diamond shape you prefer, at BAUNAT we have en extensive collection of diamond rings.

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