A wedding anniversary may never pass unnoticed, and a diamond certainly not. Sixty years of marriage is special and deserves a wonderful gift. A nice gesture would be to surprise her again with a diamond ring, specifically we think of a classic solitaire ring. It´s like you completely relive your marriage proposal all over again. 

Diamond jubilee: history

Before buying a beautiful solitaire ring, we go through some history. Because why do we name a 60-year marriage a diamond jubilee? But if we getting to the core, we see that back in the days you had to be married for 75 years instead of 60 years to speak of a diamond wedding anniversary.

In 1897, when Queen Victoria ruled for 60 years, she called this event her Diamond Jubilee. A memorable event, as no one ever held the English throne longer than she did. From then on, more and more couples began to celebrate their diamond jubilee when they were married for 60 years. The Diamond Jubilee was not the only reason to change. Also the fact that 75 years of marriage was a long time, played an important role. This way everyone could celebrate their diamond jubilee earlier, and of course together with a diamond jewel.

A solitaire ring as a gift

A diamond wedding anniversary calls for a diamond gift. Basically you can surprise her with any diamond jewel, but a classic solitaire ring is still very symbolic. It´s like once again you put an engagement ring on her finger. Maybe at that time you didn´t really had the budget to buy a large diamond, you will now get the chance ´to make it up´. Because after so many years of marriage, with all the ups and downs she deserves only the best.

Of course you don´t have to wait for your 60th wedding anniversary to surprise her with a diamond jewel. Each anniversary is a special occasion to buy diamonds.

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