The very symbol of engagement: a ring made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum with a single, central diamond. No other engagement ring is immediately recognized as such by everyone. Whether in films, with celebrities or royal engagements - the proposal is usually made with a classic solitaire engagement ring.

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    Why is the engagement ring with a diamond so popular?

    The popularity of the solitaire can be explained by its history. Among others, it owes its popularity to Frances Gerety, who worked for a well-known advertising agency in the USA after World War II. She was not only a role model for many women, but also invented the advertising slogan "A diamond is forever" for the diamond company De Beers. Until then, engagement rings with a diamond were rather an exception.
    The advertising campaign, which focused on a single diamond set in a ring, not only brought De Beers strong sales of diamonds, but also conquered the USA and the rest of the world. Tiffany, one of the world's best-known jewellers, subsequently introduced a single diamond in its famous 6-prong setting.

    Diamond engagement ring, solitaire with 8 prongs - an exclusive engagement ring with a diamond
    This is how the engagement ring with a diamond started its triumphal advance around the world. Even today, the solitaire is by far the best-selling model for engagement rings. Not without reason, as compared to other gemstones, the diamond probably has the greatest fire and sparkle, making even a single stone look extremely impressive.

    What types of solitaire engagement rings exist?

    Strictly speaking, a solitaire engagement ring is a ring with a single stone. This definition has changed slightly over the years. Many customers want an individual engagement ring that is a little more impressive and unique, but still remains true to the classic look.

    Diamond engagement ring, solitaire with 8 prongs - an exclusive engagement ring with a diamond
    There is also the option of making the classically plain ring band a little wider and setting it with diamonds in pavé setting, either partially or fully set. The ring band then looks as if it is made of small diamonds itself.

    Combined, the result is a halo solitaire ring that is hard to beat in its sparkle and fire. It is a truly luxurious engagement ring that is also available at an affordable price

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    Engagement ring with a diamond, pink diamond in teardrop shape - Modern engagement ring with teardrop shaped diamond

    What cuts can be found for solitaire diamonds

    A particularly popular choice for engagement rings with a stone is the round-cut brilliant, which, as the name suggests, is characterized by a particularly high brilliance, i.e. a very strong sparkle. This cut ensures ideal refraction and reflection of the incident light.

    But there are many other shapes that are also perfect for a solitaire engagement ring. If you are looking for a slightly more extravagant ring, you might consider the teardrop shape. Do you love angular, geometric shapes? Then a princess cut diamond would be interesting for you. Depending on your preferred appearance, in principle any cut shape is suitable for an engagement ring with a diamond.

    What do I need to consider when buying an engagement ring with a diamond?

    As the main feature, the central diamond in an engagement ring has a special significance. It is visually the centre of attention, which is why you should pay special attention to its quality, especially with larger diamonds.

    The quality and thus also the price of diamonds are primarily defined by the so-called 4C’s, i.e. Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. These criteria are listed in the diamond certificate, which should be issued by a well-known gemmological institute such as GIA, HRD or IGI.

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