• A second proposal is a wonderful way of proving your love
  • The ring for the second proposal can be a little more unusual
  • Tips on how to make the proposal a true success

A marriage proposal is one of the most beautiful moments in crowning a relationship. But just because you’re already married doesn’t mean you can’t relive that moment. The trend is clearly going in the direction of proposing for a second time. After all, with so many years of marriage behind you, what could be more beautiful than proving your love once again by proposing with a fitting diamond engagement ring? As the saying goes, two are better than one.

In the English-speaking world, the so-called “renewal” has been around for some time – it’s when a couple renews their vows as part of a festive ceremony. Not only is it romantic, but it also serves as a wonderful opportunity to dress up and lavishly celebrate with friends and family. It’s best followed by a second honeymoon at an exotic holiday resort or simply a cuddly parents-only weekend while the kids are with their grandparents or relatives.

Some suggestions on how to make the second proposal perfect:

  • Choose a place that connects you – a place where you have shared wonderful moments together or that you have a very special relationship with. There is nothing better than revelling in wonderful memories together. Maybe it’s even the place where you met?
  • Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere as quickly as the right music. Do you maybe have a common favourite song or a tune that you were listening to when you first met?
  • The ring for the second proposal can be a bit more extravagant than the first time. In any case, it should be different from the first engagement ring.
  • Forgot the ring size? No problem: Simply measure the existing wedding ring or engagement ring by using a tool such as a ring measurer.
  • Be creative. But please, don’t put the ring in a champagne glass.
  • Special occasions become even more beautiful in special clothing. Even if the second proposal is supposed to be a surprise, you can certainly make up an excuse for dressing up.
  • Nervous? Try to speak freely in any case. It’s best to keep things a little shorter and not use a cheat sheet. Sure it’s helpful, but it isn’t necessarily romantic.
  • Humour is about laughing anyway. Even with the second proposal, it’s possible that there will be some small glitches despite your planning and preparation. Take a relaxed approach – it’s the idea that counts.

A suitable engagement ring is of course a very central element of a second marriage proposal. You’ll find it at BAUNAT – our team of experts will be happy to advise you in your selection!

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