• DIVA is ready to make Antwerp the global capital of diamonds
  • DIVA helps you discover the history of diamonds
  • Learning how to select your own diamond

Some time ago, diamond lovers were sad to hear the goldsmith museum and the Provincial Diamond Museum were closing their doors forever. Fortunately they have been replaced with a modern new diamond museum in the heart of Antwerp. In this article, you will discover the origin of BNT Diamonds, bought at the source in India, and the jewels created exclusively in Belgium.

DIVA is ready to make Antwerp the global capital of diamonds

DIVA has only recently opened its doors, but the ones who had the idea of creating this museum have worked long and hard to make it a reality. This museum does not just want to be a prestigious place for diamond lovers to visit. Instead, by working closely together with the city of Antwerp, the whole Flemish region and the diamond sector, the DIVA museum aims to attract many different tourists and immerse them in the world of diamonds.

Moreover, the people behind DIVA hosted a press preview before opening the museum to the general public. During their visit to the Museum, the invitees had the chance to enjoy a lovely tour guided by an expert on the history of diamonds in Antwerp.

DIVA helps you discover the history of diamonds

On site, visitors will have the chance to discover the history of precious stones around the world. DIVA is the largest diamond museum in the world. This prestigious place has been built on a 1200 m² plot and it spans three levels. The museum visit is both interactive and fun.

At the heart of the museum, visitors will be able to watch educational videos, and will be dazzled by the lights of the exhibited diamonds. Each exhibit allows everyone to discover the history of diamonds throughout the centuries and the role of Antwerp as the diamond capital of the world. The city has and will always be known for its diamond bourses and many diamond jewellers.

When visiting this diamond museum, one can admire jewellery dating back from the sixteenth century up to the present day. With some truly unique jewellery pieces among the treasure trove within. For those who are interested in the process from rough diamond to finished stone, it is possible to visit the laboratory.

Learning how to select your own diamond

Are you going planning on getting married soon and are you looking for diamond wedding rings? Do you want to buy your diamonds in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world? To select your stone, you can refer back to the advice offered to visitors during their visit to the Antwerp Diamond Museum. And by stopping by the BAUNAT Antwerp showroom, you can be sure you will make the best possible choice when it comes to diamond jewellery.

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