• Yellow gold is very desired, this thanks to the popularity of vintage jewellery.
  • A golden necklace is a beautiful and elegant accessory for women. Therefore, we listed some trends for you.
  • Haven’t found a pretty necklace yet? At BAUNAT, we have an extensive collection of beautiful necklaces.

Nowadays, yellow gold is again the preferred colour of the moment. For many years, we mainly saw this precious metal being replaced by white gold or platinum. We can explain the return of yellow gold by the popularity of vintage (inspired) jewellery. If you are looking for a gorgeous and elegant diamond jewel, as gift or to wear yourself, we can certainly recommend the golden necklace. Women love it. But what exactly are the trends for necklaces? Let’s have a closer look at this.

Diamonds, Diamonds and even more diamonds

What would be a golden necklace without its necessary diamonds? Exactly, absolutely nothing! It just belongs with a diamond. Diamonds, beautifully set with a pretty pendant or medallion, or set within the necklace itself.

More than ever, trends are determined by diamonds: the more, the merrier, and the more exclusive. At BAUNAT, we have an extensive collection, and we love to help you on your way to the perfect necklace. Or we can make you a unique tailor made piece, entirely corresponding to your wishes and needs.

Fine necklaces

Necklaces are getting thinner everyday, and we can only encourage this. A fine golden necklace for women gives the subtle touch to every outfit, casual and chic. This is namely because a fine necklace does not mean that it will be less glamorous. On the contrary, it stands out even more thanks to its subtlety, definitely when (coloured) diamonds and/or gems are present.

Combining different precious metals

For a while now, it has been popular to combine different precious metals, this trend will continue to go on. Women combine their golden necklace with necklaces in red gold, white gold and/or platinum. Basically, you can wear all the precious metals at the same time. Mix yellow and white gold, or stand out even more by combining and yellow, and white, and red gold together with platinum. There are no more limits, however, in this trend we recommend to chose for fine necklaces.

Are you looking for a golden necklace for women? Then you’re at the right address. Of course, designs with other precious metals are a possibility. Take a look at our extensive collection. If you are interested or if you have any questions about a specific design, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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