• Why should I choose a gold watch with a gold wristband?
  • Which advantages does a calf leather wristband have to offer?
  • What is the difference between crocodile and alligator leather?

Beyond doubt, a gold watch is a true statement. An eye-catching masterpiece that elevates every business outfit to a higher level! But your watch should be much more than just a unique accessory. To fully benefit from all its functions, you should take into account important factors such as user comfort and durability when making this investment. It is therefore not a bad idea to take a moment to think about your choice of wristband.

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Why should I choose a gold watch with a gold wristband?

Gold is a durable material that lends itself perfectly to the manufacturing of exclusive watches and jewellery. To ensure the quality of the gold that is used, you should only purchase this investment piece from a reliable jeweller with the correct knowledge. Typically, the highest possible standard, 18 karat gold, will be used to create your watch. After all, a higher percentage of gold would result in an alloy that is too soft to guarantee the durability of your watch.

Even regardless of its qualitative characteristics, gold is simply a superb precious metal that only very exceptionally triggers an allergic reaction.
If you do suffer from severe nickel allergies, however, you mainly need to look out for white gold. Yellow gold should be no problem whatsoever. 18 karat gold is also not prone to discoloration, in contrast to other metals, but it can of course become dirty. Make sure to clean and maintain your watch regularly for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Which advantages does a calf leather wristband have to offer?

Calf leather is high quality leather almost exclusively used in high-end accessories such as luxury watches. Items made from calf leather are, after all, appreciated for their pure texture and high durability . This almost velvet-like leather is able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use and has a supple and comfortable feel when worn .

But looks are important too. And when you take a look at one of our watches with a calf leather wristband, for example the Siena, its luxurious appearance is not to be denied.
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What is the difference between crocodile and alligator leather?

‘Alligator’ is not synonymous with ‘crocodile’, so do not use these terms interchangeably. Even in terms of their hide there are notable differences. As you know: the devil is in the details! All crocodilian reptiles have ‘horns’ along their neck, arranged in a fixed pattern for each different species. The tile pattern , too, differs. With alligator leather, these so-called tiles are less uniform and they have quite elaborate yet irregular umbilical scar lines.
Alligator leather is much softer and much more flexible compared to crocodile leather. It is by far the most luxurious leather variety available.
A gold watch with an alligator leather wristband combines an exceptional appearance with ultimate wear comfort. It is highly recommended and the perfect gift for any man in your life.

At BAUNAT, you can choose between gold, calf leather or alligator leather for your wristband, depending on which watch collection and which watch type you have chosen. Contact our experts via telephone, e-mail or chat for more advice during the selection and purchase process.
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