• Which gold necklace is ideal for formal occasions?
  • Which necklace is suitable for informal moments?
  • Which necklace would be good for wearing to work? 

You would like to surprise her with a beautiful piece of jewellery? A unique and valuable showpiece without the need to invest a great deal of time in searching, choosing and deciding? Opt for a gold necklace which will accentuate her style, charm and class. This article will provide you with concrete tips regarding which model will suit which type of occasion.

Which gold necklace is ideal for formal occasions?

What is a gold necklace without diamonds? It goes without saying you are going to be choosing an item of jewellery which will shine as brightly as your loved one. Especially for important formal events. Diamonds stand for glamour, prestige and they are the epitome of tasteful elegance. That’s why you will only be opting for diamonds which have scored VS2 or SI1 on the purity scale and with a colour or G or H, as is explained during this 2:29 minute video.

Where the model is concerned, we would recommend choosing a gold necklace with a timeless design for formal occasions. You can indicate the desired jewellery and style on this page, allowing you to make an even faster and easier decision.

Which necklace is suitable for informal moments?

A brunch with the family, a coffee with a friend or going off to see a show together? Of course she’d also like to look beautiful and stylish during more informal occasions. Although a little more sober would naturally be permitted during such events. A longer necklace would be ideal. The shape of the dress, shirt or blouse’s neckline is irrelevant. A long necklace will even suit a roll neck jumper.

You therefore don’t need to go diving into her wardrobe to find out which gold necklace will suit her outfits, her body and her face the best. A long necklace goes with virtually everything. And many women appreciate the optical slimming effect of a long necklace.

Which necklace would be good for wearing to work? 

A long necklace like this would be less suitable for wearing to the office. Would you like to buy a gold necklace, which is comfortable enough to wear to work? Then avoid anything too big. That includes a necklace with a heavy diamond hanger or medallion. A sober short model would then be exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you have a better image of the possibilities open to you? Then take a look at the extensive collection of gold necklaces here. No time to look yourself? Then allow yourself to be assisted by BAUNAT’s experts by phone, email or chat.

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