We all know that Christmas and Valentine are very popular days for men to propose to their beloved. These periods are extra busy times for us. Instagram is flooded with posts where women show off their engagement ring to the world. Because we see a lot of ringfies (ring selfies), we thought about giving some tips to make the perfect picture to show a ring.

  • The best engagement ring picture is the one that shows the ring in a tight close up. This will emphasise all the beautiful and pretty details, and the brilliance of the diamond(s) will be even brighter.
  • Make sure that everything looks natural and serene. Avoid a flits: this can minimize the beauty of the ring. Therefore, take the picture outside, preferably when the sun is shining bright, which will make the brilliance much prettier. Combined with a stunning background of flowers, etc., your picture will have a romantic appearance. 
  • A camera lens sees more than you think. Therefore, make sure the ring is cleaned thoroughly before taking a picture. There is nothing worse than a diamond that’s not properly cleaned.
  • If your nails aren’t nicely manicured, take a picture with you hand closed. The most important thing is beautifully picturing the engagement ring.
  • It’s very tempting to use a filter, but in this case it’s better to avoid it. With a filter it can completely change your diamond. On top of that, a diamond ring is gorgeous enough on its own and doesn’t need the extra fuss.

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