• To buy a ring with a brilliant is investing in a long lasting memory of your wedding.
  • Easily discover the correct ring size for her engagement ring with our app.
  • Buy your engagement ring online, so you will not lose time with running back and forth while planning your proposal.

The big day! For months, you both live up to it. Everything is planned carefully so the guests will not want for anything and you can fully enjoy your day. Too bad the wedding does not last longer. Luckily your rings will remind you forever of this exceptional day. To buy a ring with a brilliant as an engagement or wedding ring, is investing in an everlasting, sparkling memory of your big day.

To buy a ring with a brilliant

A diamond and a brilliant are often confused with one another, while they are not synonyms at all. After watching this short video, you will perfectly understand the difference between both terms. Namely, brilliant is a cut shape of a diamond. Moreover, it is one of the most popular choices with men, looking for the dreamed-of ring for their fiancée, in our extensive collection of engagement rings. To buy a ring with a brilliant, does not has to be as expensive as you may think. Regarding the diamond, this depends mainly on the 4C’s, the criteria that characterise the diamond. However, not only the diamond but also the precious metal used influences the price.

First discover the correct ring size

Would you like to buy a ring with a brilliant as an engagement ring? First you have to discover her ring size. But of course you do not want to lose time with running back and forth to the jeweller, because you still have a lot of planning to do. An app to figure out her ring size based on her rings, will help you with this. No fuss, no loss of time and always certain of the correct ring size. This way, you can focus completely on the proposal itself. Have you already decided if you are traditionally going to go down on one knee?

Easy, simple and safe purchase.

Whether it is concerning an engagement or a wedding ring, you are busy enough to ensure the proposal or wedding runs smoothly. So why wouldn’t you go online shopping? Sometimes, it can be quite scary, buying an engagement ring, wedding ring or other diamond jewel online. Because of the price? You probably already booked a holiday online. You will soon discover that BAUNAT as an online jeweller offers you nothing but advantages and certainties. You even have the opportunity to make an appointment to view your dreamed-of rings in one of our showrooms. Besides, you also enjoy a 30-day return policy. You can thus focus on the proposal, the invitations, the room and everything concerning that one beautiful day. We, in turn, make sure you will forever be reminded of that one perfect wedding day, thanks to your beautiful diamond rings.

You will notice: your wedding lasts, despite all your efforts, only one day. To buy a ring with a brilliant as an engagement or wedding ring is a long lasting memory that you will treasure the rest of your life. Therefore, trust us with your rings and contact our BAUNAT experts.

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