Diamond rings in both yellow and white gold have always been popular. Women don’t really have a preference, everything depends on their personal style and taste. A diamond ring is beautiful in a more classic yellow gold, but white gold is certainly not inferior in terms of beauty. But what is exactly the difference between these two precious metals? And what is the best choice? We will review this step by step:

Is there a difference in carats?

An 18 kt yellow golden ring is about as much worth as a ring in 18 kt white gold. The price difference between a yellow and white golden diamond ring lies mostly in the specific design that you choose. If you take a closer look how white gold originates, you will see that it is actually just an alloy of pure yellow gold and other metals, namely silver, nickel, palladium and/or manganese. Yellow gold comes into existence the same way, but the colour remains yellow. What kind of (and how much) metal that will be added, the total amount of pure gold (yellow) is in both cases the same.

White Gold and rhodium

As mentioned earlier, white gold is a mix of yellow gold with for example nickel. This gives gold her typical silver colour. A white golden diamond ring however conceives a dull appearance (yellowish) over time, especially at the bottom of the ring. This is one of the major disadvantages of white gold, but can be fixed by coverering the ring again with a layer of rhodium. The layer of rhodium not only ensures a whiter and more beautiful look, it also protects the diamond ring against external influences. At BAUNAT we can rhodium the ring at cost price as a gesture towards our existing customers.

Is yellow gold better?

Just as white gold, yellow gold also has its disadvantages. Yellow Gold is a soft precious metal, and the higher the carat weight, the faster it will show scratches. 18 Kt yellow gold is much stronger than 24 Kt yellow gold. You can easily re-polish a yellow golden diamond ring. But each time a tiny layer of gold is also removed, along with the scratches. Yellow gold is then again more colourfast. This way both precious metals have their advantages and disadvantages, which makes the choice even more difficult.

Yellow vs. White Gold: and the best choice is ...

... not applicable! What precious metal you prefer depends entirely on your personal style and taste, and the colour of the diamond. This way, colourless stones will sparkle even more in combination with white gold, and even coloured diamonds will stand out more. Sustainable platinum is also a good alternative here. But also in a yellow golden setting diamonds look very nice, though the diamond ring will rather have a classic look.

Yellow or white gold, it does not matter, we at BAUNAT will certainly have a diamond ring in our collection that perfectly suits your style and taste.

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