Whether you are looking for a ring for men to wear as a wedding band or to wear as an accessory to add an individual touch, there are many designs to choose from. Nevertheless we recommend opting for white gold rings for men for their modernity and masculinity. Here is a little guide to help you differentiate white from yellow gold and some ideas for great white gold ring designs for men.

  • White gold versus yellow gold
  • White gold ring designs for men

White gold versus yellow gold

White gold and yellow gold are made from the same 24kt gold base, but depending on the purity, both are the result of a mix of alloys. Pure gold being extremely soft and difficult to work with for jewellers, it is regularly mixed with other metals to make it stronger and more durable.

Hence yellow gold is often mixed with silver, zinc and copper. The copper and silver alloy is very popular as it produces a natural layer of coloured oxide on the surface of the metal, thereby enhancing the yellowish hue in yellow gold.

White gold on the other hand is often alloyed with nickel, zinc, platinum or palladium. Many people believe that white gold is white in colour in its raw form, but it always present a natural tinge of yellow.

White gold rings for men set with black diamonds are perfect for gentlemen, by BAUNAT

That is why white gold always needs to be rhodium plated to obtain maximum whiteness.

White gold ring designs for men

White gold is probably the most popular choice among men because it is a metal colour that exudes masculinity as it is modern and elegant.

Yellow gold’s popularity seems to come and go over the years as it is considered a more traditional and classic gold colour.

Nowadays, jewellery collections for men are expanding steadily, and white gold rings for men seem to be easier to find and more accessible than a few years ago.

We have selected two designs that are particularly suited for the gentlemen out there who love to wear jewellery. The first is the ultimate white gold ring for men set with black diamonds. This design is dark and masculine, yet it adds a touch of black sparkle like no other black stone would. Black diamonds have become increasingly popular over the past years and will continue to be trendy for many more.

The second design that is particularly beautiful in its simplicity is a sleek white gold ring for men that is linear and smooth, just like a new modern building would be. It is slightly cold in aspect, maybe even angular, but it really adds a touch of masculinity and personality when worn on the right hand.

Are you looking for a white gold rings for men? Look no further as BAUNAT has a beautiful online collection of jewellery for men. Do not hesitate to browse through our collection of black diamond rings and to contact us for advice.

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