It is surprising how many couples don’t celebrate their wedding anniversary, let alone buy a gift for each other.  After 10 years of marriage, the best day of your life will still be fresh in your memory. You have a lot of memories, and some ups and downs. It is the perfect time to show how much you still love each other. By purchasing a diamond jewel, a husband shows that the relationship still means a lot to him. A diamond is also the ultimate symbol of love. But also he wants to be surprised, more and more with a diamond jewel. In short, male or female, it doesn’t matter, say it with diamonds, and do not let the 10th wedding anniversary pass by unnoticed.

For her

You don’t buy a diamond jewel without thinking about it. Much depends on your budget and what she likes. Many women love a beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant or an elegant tennis bracelet. These jewels stand out and especially in the company of friends, colleagues or family this is not insignificant. People like to brag about their diamond jewellery, so everybody can see how much their husband (still) loves them.

If she thinks the engagement ring you gave her was too small, your 10th wedding anniversary is the ideal moment to give her a bigger diamond ring. You can also add diamonds to her current engagement ring. For example, if you gave her a solitaire engagement ring, you can let it adjust to a trilogy ring; which symbolizes the past, the present and the future.

For him

Buying diamonds for men is slightly more difficult. Diamond jewellery should definitely not affect the masculinity. Therefore, you better search for a rug, manly model. You can also choose to adjust his wedding ring and add a diamond. But especially a pair of cufflinks is very nice as a gift. They are an elegant eye-catcher and (subtle) set with diamonds.

Are you planning to buy a diamond jewel as a surprise for your 10th wedding anniversary, please feel free to have a look at our extensive collection of diamond jewellery.

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