• How much does a diamond bra cost?
  • How long does it take to create a bra like that?
  • What if you would actually like to buy a bra with diamonds?

There are those who like to buy diamonds and those who like to buy diamond lingerie. Have you always dreamt of a bra set with sparkling gemstones? The exclusive Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand releases these kinds of ‘Fantasy Bras’ during the Christmas period. Although most people will instantly shout out ‘ho ho ho’ when they see the price tag ...

How much does a diamond bra cost?

Victoria’s Secret has been releasing an annual bra set with gemstones since 1996. The first ‘angel’ asked to show off one of these was top model Claudia Schiffer. The price tag? An impressive 10 million euro! This amount of money would certainly allow you buy a few investment diamonds! The most expensive bra dates back to 2000 and was worn by Gisele Bündchen.

This ‘Red Hot Fantasy Bra’ cost a total of 15 million dollars and gave the lingerie brand a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

How long does it take to create a bra like that?

The Fantasy Bras are a design by Long Island‘s London Jewellers and consist of 18 carat white gold and yellow gold and 3,400 gemstones. The designers were permitted to purchase a number of 142 carat white and yellow diamonds for their exclusive lingerie set. They generally work an average of 300 hours on a bra like this.

According to Vogue, the 2016 Fantasy Bra took a total of 700 working hours. And the bra which Adriana Lima was asked to model in 2010 is supposed to have taken an astounding 1500 hours.

What if you would actually like to buy a bra with diamonds?

Even though the Fantasy Bras are mainly a marketing stunt, they are certainly also offered up for sale. However, so far only two have been sold: the Diamond Dream Bra from 1997 and the Floral Fantasy Bra from 2012. They definitely look fabulous, but you can’t really refer to them as practical.

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