Are you looking for a beautiful engagement ring? We studied the statistics for you and found seven facts regarding diamond engagement rings that might interest you:



1. What is the average cost of a diamond engagement ring?

According to American studies, the average price for a diamond engagement ring lies between €2,000 and €2,500. This figure takes into account both prices from jewellers with traditional shops and offers on the Internet.

2. How many future brides buy their engagement ring themselves?

Even though the proposal and buying the engagement ring are traditionally the men’s duty, no less than 20% of women prefer not to rely on their future husbands for their ring. Instead, they find and pay for the engagement ring themselves.

3. How much do men spend approximately on an engagement ring?

Most men are big spenders in an attempt to make the best impression when going down on their knee. Surprisingly, these men spend €5,500 on average, which is almost exactly the price of an engagement ring with a 1-carat diamond. Thus, if you earn a bit more than the average, you could consider digging deeper into your pockets.

4. How much does a luxurious diamond engagement ring cost?

The definition of luxury is subjective, but it usually refers to rings above the € 10.000 price mark. If you are willing to invest this amount into your relationship, you could, for example, buy a beautiful 2-carat diamond ring. The bride will surely be delighted.

5. What was the price of the most expensive engagement ring ever?

Celebrities, starlets and the nobility are often willing to pay a little more not only for an unforgettable engagement party, but also for the engagement ring itself. The most expensive ring was probably the one Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with, which cost approximately €8.5 million. In comparison, Prince Charles’s ring to Lady Diana (about €120,000), appears relatively modest.

6. How many women prefer a diamond engagement ring?

“Diamonds are a girl's best friend” –– the lyrics are still valid today as 87% of women say there is no alternative to a diamond ring. Consequently, only 13% would consider a different gemstone as adequate. In other words, with diamonds, you are most likely safe.

7. What alloy is the most popular?

Until the 90s, yellow gold was the most popular choice for both wedding rings and engagement rings. This trend changed over the past few decades, and now 75% of all engagement rings sold are white gold. This trend is also noticeable with other types of jewellery where white gold is very popular.

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