Fill in the gap: I never leave the house without_________. If you answered ‘my jewels’, then we are on the same page. Nothing more annoying in the morning than to forget to wear your favorite jewel, the entire day feels as if something is missing. It is therefore important to organize them properly. Sometimes, you can be in a hurry, and with organized jewellery you can avoid unnecessary stress. Jewellery boxes which blend into your interior are currently totally on trend. But before you get started, we have 5 important tips.

1. Everyday jewels within reach

You wear them every day, so they need to catch your eye immediately. The pieces you wear regularly, such as your engagement ring or your trendy fine jewellery, will be more easily to find if you place them in the first drawer (s) of your jewellery box. When you organize your jewellery, always start with these everyday pieces.

2. The more compartments, the better

Buy a jewellery box with several compartments. This avoids the diamonds/gemstones from getting scratched, and avoids necklaces and bracelets to be tangled. Invest in a beautiful and functional jewellery box with several drawers that makes it possible to keep dust from your jewellery.

3. Keep the same types of jewels together

Organize your jewellery box in such a way that each type of jewel is located in the same tray: rings with rings, bracelets with bangles, etc .. This way, you can make it yourself easier in choosing which earrings, bracelet or necklace that you're going to wear with a particular outfit.

4. Be creative!

And create an uncluttered visual appeal. Go for attractive boxes that reflect your personality and fit nicely into your interior. There are beautiful jewellery boxes on the market, from expensive to cheap, in wood, metal or (mirror) glass. Do you already have an extensive jewellery collection, then you can best opt for a boudoir table, or why not a jewellery wardrobe? It looks beautiful in your house, and has enough room to store all your jewels.

5. Protect precious jewels

Do you have some valuable pieces in your jewellery collection, then storage them safely when you're not at home. With a break-in, a jewel box can be taken away more easily. Therefore, we recommend to keep the more expensive items in a vault.

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