For many men, a diamond engagement ring is a big investment. So it better be the right ring. We all want the marriage proposal to go perfectly well (we want your girlfriend to say ‘yes!’). An engagement ring that fits her style and taste is a great help here. Furthermore, contrary to other diamond jewelry, the ring has to have a timeless look, since she will normally wear it daily. To subtly make clear to him what ring you’d like around your finger, these tips might be helpful: 

Go shopping together

While walking past numerous jewelers, you can subtly indicate which ring(s) you like, and which ones you absolutely don’t like. The daredevils among you, can lure him inside and, depending on the seller, even try some diamond rings. This way, you immediately know what kinds of models fit you well.

Show him a picture

By subtly showing him a picture in a magazine or for example on Pinterest, you can achieve a lot. But be careful: timing is very important. If he isn’t ready yet to propose, don’t bombard him questions. This could make him feel uncomfortable.

Ask for a surprise

Mention at every opportunity what diamond shape you like and what style you prefer, do this by starting a conversation about the engagement ring of a friend or a family member. Tell him he can surprise you. He’ll probably get the hint now.

Send your best friend

Your best friend normally knows you thoroughly. But sometimes even they can use some help. Show them some pictures of the engagement ring you want to wear around your ring finger and make sure they keep him company while searching for the ring. That way, he can subtly be ‘redirected’.

Design a ring together

Make him clear – subtly or not – that you would like a tailor-made engagement ring. Consider it a common project for both of you, towards the eventual marriage proposal. In a time in which couples increasingly pay half of the ring each, it might be romantic to design a fun and original model together.

At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection of engagement rings. If you have any questions about a specific model, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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