Today there are a myriad of designs to choose from, based on many possible themes that can range from geometrical with triangles and lines to gothic with skulls, through floral with the unequalled Art Nouveau jewellery and more.

Designers can be extremely creative and base their ideas on their stories, on places they’ve been to or people that have inspired them. In Jewellery, with todays advanced technology, it is easier to actually put all of these ideas into practice and create original pieces of art.

Let's have a look at 5 exclusive nature inspired pieces of jewellery that were made with Antwerp diamonds by BAUNAT:

  • The Nathu collection and its 2.50 carat diamond design ring – The Nathu collection was designed by Wouters & Hendrix, as a tribute to the balance and the strength of nature. The designs are pure, airy and delicate, perfectly capturing the plants decorative movements and lines. The diamond ring made of 18Ct white gold and a total of 2.50 Antwerpdiamonds captures this inspiration perfectly. It is a unique design that will ornate your finger like no other.
  • The Licio collection is directly inspired by the fruits that are encased in a protective shell. Elisa Schepens has managed here to create jewellery that really resembles the shape of a beechnut. The 2.26 carat diamond earrings are a delicate replica of this beechnut, they are available in white, yellow or red gold.
  • Who doesn’t like butterflies? The Butterfly ring, covered with 0.75 carats of Antwerpdiamonds, from the Monarca collection is an absolute delight for the eyes. Its name derives from the Monarch butterfly. It is gracious, unique and magical.
  • A combination of flower and dragonfly makes this ring a very original design. It is part of the Pas-de-Deux collection, made of white gold and set with 0.55carats of diamonds. We absolutely love the airyness of this ring, it delicately captures the designer’s will to create jewellery that symbolically represents the love and friendship between the giver of the jewel and its wearer.
  • Ouverture is the perfect symbol of timeless beauty that reveals itself over time, it is a pure replica of a blossoming flower. The pendant portrays a high quality Antwerpdiamond of 0.75carats at its heart surrounded by petals of small diamonds, it really looks like a flower in bloom.


As seen above, BAUNAT offers several one-of-a-kind collections inspired by nature. Whether you are looking at purchasing a delicate nature-inspired jewel online or in store, our team would be delighted to assist you with any query you may have.

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