• Which girl’s names are derived from the word 'jewel'?
  • Which girl’s names are inspired by precious stones?
  • How popular are these names?

Are you going to be a mum soon? Have you already chosen a name for your little sprout? People often choose names based on their environment and personal interests. Just think of names of athletes, film characters or names that appear in songs. Do you like jewels? Why not name your daughter after that? Find 5 meaningful names inspired by jewellery and precious stones here.

Which girl’s names are derived from the word 'jewel'?

What do you think of Jewel or the French version, Bijou, as a name for your daughter? Both names say how precious your little miracle is to you. Jewel was a frequently used name until the 1970s. If you are looking for an original name, these 2 options are definitely worth considering.

Which precious stone is a much-praised girl's name?

Jewels with coloured stones, who doesn’t like them? A beautiful example is the red ruby. Can you already hear the music? Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and the Kaiser Chiefs, among others, have all have written music dedicated to ‘Ruby’. A beautiful and clearly often sung girl's name. ‘Ruby’ means ‘deep red precious stone’ from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. 

What if you become a mum in September?

Did you know that every month has its own birthstone? The birthstone of September is the sapphire. If you give someone who is born in September jewellery with a sapphire, then you wish that person a successful life without setbacks. Between 2013 and 2016, several girls were named Sapphire. Since then, the popularity has decreased. Unfortunately...

Why not call your daughter Jade?

Jade is a precious stone that symbolises purity and serenity. Jade in jewels protects the wearer from negative feelings and brings them harmony. Jade is an extremely popular girl’s name. Especially in 2005 the name experienced a huge peak worldwide. Another girl’s name that is derived from Jade is Jada.

Which precious stone inspired the writer Victor Hugo?

In 1831 the first great novel by the French writer Victor Hugo was released: The Hunchback of the Notre Dame. The book is about the unrequited love of bell ringer Quasimodo for the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. This beautiful girl's name is derived from the green emerald.

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