• Include her friends and family in your plans to ask for her hand.
  • Solicit your own friends as well, but make sure it is believable.
  • Take a couple of hours of leave and go explore during working hours.

Plans to propose to your girlfriend of course include a beautiful engagement ring. But what do you tell back home, to go and purchase that ring unnoticed? Purchasing an engagement ring without your girlfriend noticing? Here are 5 excuses to use to not raise suspicion.

Include her friends in your plot

Are you close with her friends? Then include them in your plans to purchase an engagement ring. Ask her best friend to take her shopping, for example. Be sure to agree upon a location, because you do not want to run into each other. Are you still unsure about what kind of engagement ring you would like to purchase? You can save time by looking at diamond rings online with her best friend. Do this on your own smartphone or make sure to clear your search history when you use a computer.

Involve her family

Are your parents-in-law allowed to know of your plans to propose to their daughter? Perfect! They can help you the best in your quest to purchase an engagement ring without their daughter knowing. Let your future parents-in-law ask their daughter for help with organising a family party. While they are together, you can can buy an engagement ring. Of course, a real family party is being planned. But what your girlfriend doesn’t know is that she’s planning her own engagement party! Talking about original!

Solicit your own friends

Maybe it can be as simple as “babe, I’m going out with my mates”. If you and your friends don’t go out much during the day, however, this could raise suspicion. But maybe you have a friend that is renovating? Let him call you to ask for help. Your future fiancée will have no reason to think you are making plans to buy and engagement ring and to propose. If you don’t have a friend who is renovating, you could let one of your friends ask for a ride or for something else that isn’t conspicuous. Let them call your when your girlfriend is at home with you. This will make everything more believable then when you tell her about it yourself. It will also help to avoid that the friend whose help you have solicited will suffer a slip of the tongue.

Head out during working hours

Schedule half a day or a couple of hours of leave to purchase an engagement ring. Leave for work  and return home at the same time as usual. This way, she won’t notice anything. Which ring suits your partner best? Find inspiration by looking up diamond rings online. If you already have a general idea of what type you and your future fiancée like, it will be easier to purchase an engagement ring and save time.

Pick out a gift for someone

Is there a birthday coming up, or is Christmas just around the corner? This is a great excuse to purchase an engagement ring under the guise of shopping for a present. If you return home without a present, however, you will have some explaining to do. Make sure the puzzle pieces of your story fit!

Do you know which excuse you will use to go and purchase an engagement ring unnoticed? Let yourself be inspired by our extensive collection or contact us.

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