Are you still looking for the ideal gift to surprise your lover on Christmas eve? If you ask us, this search does not need to be difficult. Diamonds will always make her smile. No boasting needed for Christmas. A fine diamond jewel shows you love her well enough. A lot of men are always looking for some great tips, so we’d love to give you the next 5 ideal Christmas gifts, straight from our collection.

1. A pair of fine diamond earrings

Love is in the details. A pair of fine diamond earrings fit the bill perfectly. Timeless, elegant and always in style. Diamond earrings are a sure thing. Does your partner have an elegant look or is she the extravagant type? Fine diamond earrings give her look the finishing touch. You can pick a round brilliant but other fancy shapes can also make an amazing present. Just imagine a heart shaped diamond for Christmas.

2. A white golden bracelet

Want to impress your lover? Give her a stunning white golden bracelet. This item is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery box. The amount of diamonds depends on the budget you are willing to spend. One thing is certain, a diamond bracelet turns heads. The white gold even adds to the jewels sparkle.

3. A fine necklace or diamond pendant

Fine necklaces – in yellow, white or red gold – add a subtle touch of sparkle to any outfit. Combine it with a diamond pendant for a more luxurious appearance. A subtle necklace is the perfect look for Christmas, its finesse will impress more than any extravagant model out there.

4. A diamond medallion

Looking to surprise her with a personal Christmas gift? Have a look at our diamond medallion: Médaillon d’Anvers. This item was designed by Wouters & Hendrix exclusively for BAUNAT and is one of the highlights of our collection. We all hold dear our close ones. Include a picture in the locket before handing the present over for a memorable gift, diamonds included. The Médaillon d’Anvers is available in yellow, white and red gold.

5. The ultimate Christmas: the engagement ring

Ask the hand of your lover on Christmas eve with her entire family present. This is without doubt the most beautiful Christmas gift imaginable. You will need a beautiful diamond ring to do so. A timeless solitaire ring is perfect for the occasion. In our collection you will find the engagement ring of her dreams that will change Christmas eve for the both of you forever.

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