• A beautiful pair of gold earrings is a staple in your collection.
  • Experiment with necklaces of different lengths.
  • Opt for a ring made from different precious metals.
  • A bracelet on your wrist adds a nice touch to any outfit.

Jewellery completes your look and highlights your personality. However, some women wear only their ring or a pair of gold earrings every now and then. This while your jewellery box should contain more jewels. Which jewels, you ask? Discover the 4 jewels that make up the basic set for every classic and modern woman below. 


The most important jewel in your jewellery box is without a doubt a pair of gold earrings. Do you prefer white gold, yellow gold or red gold earrings? Set with diamonds and with a modern or rather classic design? With gold earrings, you are spoiled for choice! They are also easy to combine with all kinds of outfits. This makes gold earrings the ultimate summer accessory. It is best to base the size and length of your earrings on your face shape and haircut.


Have you picked a pair of large gold earrings? Then it is better not to choose a heavy necklace. Keep the necklace simple, but feel free to experiment with different lengths. You could also mix several lengths for a more playful look. If you are into vintage jewellery, a necklace with vines, butterflies, orchids or wings is a must for your jewellery collection. Complete your retro look by combining your necklace with gold earrings and statement rings with the same nature theme. Retro chique!


The retro elements in ring designs are again a popular trend in 2017. Another striking trend for 2017 is that rings can be colourful again. Extravagant and fun to combine with a playful necklace and gold earrings with a nature theme. Only choosing classic diamond shapes is a thing of the past as well. Also, have you ever thought of mixing different precious metals in your ring? Yellow gold with white gold, platinum with red gold or another combination? Everything is possible!


Your wrist, too, deserves a nice touch as well. Which woman does not love the timeless elegance of a diamond bracelet? A good basic piece to have in your collection is a tennis bracelet. This stunning jewel is fairly light and flexible, which makes it easy to wear to the office as well. A diamond bracelet does not necessarily have to be heavy or old-fashioned.

Do you not yet have a basic set of jewels? Let yourself be inspired by our diverse collections or contact us for more information and advice.

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