• We are constantly looking for new technologies to manufacture a customized ring.
  • Thanks to a 3D printing process you get a true image of what the final result will be.
  • Would you like to design a tailor made diamond ring? BAUNAT would be happy to assist you!

There is a constant search for new technologies to design a tailor made ring. For example 3D-printing, a new way of printing that simplifies for instance designing a customized diamond ring. Thanks to this technique it is possible to create a unique ring based on your wishes and personality.

What is 3D-printing?

3D printing is a technique that can develop three-dimensional objects based on digital drawings. The object is built up layer after layer. The 3D printing process originates from the year 2000. It was an extension of existing techniques, whereby one especially wanted to create a prototype model quickly and efficiently. The first applications were with a metal as production material. Meanwhile one can really design anything with a 3D printer, even a diamond ring. You are able to decide how it will look like and the technology does the rest. This way you can get an accurate image and you can still make adjustments before the ring will actually be manufactured.

3D printing to design a diamond ring

We at BAUNAT always advise to choose a tailor made diamond ring. Not only do you get a nice ring that perfectly suits your personality, your will also wear something unique around your ring finger. Send us your ideas and together we will design the diamond ring where you've always dreamed of. Which diamond shape do you prefer? How many carats? Colourless or coloured diamonds? What precious metal enjoys your preference? Nothing is impossible. Thanks to 3D printing you will be able to see how the final result will look like.

Looking for a nice diamond ring? Please have a look at our extensive collection. Also a custom made model belongs to the possibilities. Are you interested in or do you have questions about a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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