• How do you choose the right ring size for her engagement ring?
  • How do you choose the alloy for your engagement rings?
  • How do you know what precious stone suits you the best?


While it’s usually the groom who buys an engagement ring for his fiancé, perhaps you would like to choose a ring together? That way the ring will fully suit your taste. But how should you choose a ring from the vast array of engagement rings? Here are three tips to help you buy the perfect engagement ring:


1. How Do You Choose the Right Ring Size For the Engagement Ring?

When your future groom wishes to buy the engagement ring himself, he needs to know your ring size beforehand. Traditionally, you wear the ring on the left ring finger, just as the wedding ring, but you can also choose to wear it on your right ring finger. Why not go with him to pick out your engagement ring? That way you can try the ring on to make sure it fits right on your finger. If your future husband picked the ring without you, it is of course still possible to adjust the ring size at a jeweller.

Take your time to try the ring on multiple times to be sure it fits you perfectly. When choosing the perfect engagement ring, the size is very important because a ring that is too big is not very elegant. So if you have shorter fingers you should opt for a more delicate engagement ring or choose a wider ring if you have bigger hands to achieve a dazzling look.

2. How Do You Choose the Alloy For Your Engagement Rings?

When you finally find the perfect ring for your finger, it is meant to stay there for a long period of time. Since nobody wants a ring that gets scratched or changes colour over time you must pay particular attention to your habits and everyday activities when choosing your engagement ring. If you are very active, choose a platinum ring as it is a very hard and durable material. Because it naturally has a beautiful silver colour, platinum will retain its original colour.

Ultimately the white gold ring remains a real classic. With this ring, you are guaranteed that it will stay fashionable forever. However, white gold needs good maintenance and should be well taken care of.

3. How Do You Know What Precious Stone Suits You the Best?

After the alloy of your engagement ring, you have to choose the precious stone. For celebrities and for most of us, a diamond remains the best option. Not only is it perfect for every alloy, but the diamond is incredibly hard and durable. You cannot scratch or break a diamond easily and you can wear your engagement ring every day without the diamond losing its shine.

At BAUNAT you will find the best range of diamond engagement rings. In addition to diamonds you can opt for other precious stones as well, to give a personal touch to your ring. A ruby or an emerald, for example, is a beautiful coloured precious stone.
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