As your wedding approaches, the last little details must be taken into account. In order to be the most beautiful of them all, it is important to think about your whole look. We have listed some tips to ensure that you will not forget anything during the preparations. After all, your look should suit you and surprise your spouse.

Choosing the right wedding dress

The wedding dress is essential to your breath-taking look. Of course, the choice of wedding dress is based on your taste and preference, but it doesn’t hurt to give a couple tips that will guide you in finding the perfect dress.

In order to be the most beautiful, it is very important to take your body shape into account. If you are on the smaller side, you will shine the most in a shorter dress. If you are curvy, opt for a strapless dress that flares at the bottom in order to look truly breathtaking. However, your dress must be comfortable to wear during your magical day.

Hair and make-up that will make you shine

When you have found the perfect dress that makes your body look amazing, your hair and makeup are small extras that complete your look. Usually the hairstyle is chosen based on your hair. Putting your hair up in bun remains most the classic hairstyle for a wedding. Mostly because your bun will help your veil to stay in place.

Makeup wise, less is more. Because this will be such an emotional day, the less makeup there is, the less time you need to spend re-applying your mascara. Opt for a light eye shadow colour as this will complement your complexion perfectly.

Diamond jewellery to complete your outfit

Accessories are the item that will finish your look. Of course, it is not necessary to wear a multitude of jewellery, but wearing a couple beautiful designs will be a good asset to your bridal look. For your necklace, for example, you could choose a delicate gold diamond necklace that totally suits your style. You can combine it with a bracelet made from the same alloy that will accentuate your wrist beautifully even before he places the sparkling wedding ring around your finger.

Please keep in mind that his wedding ring does not have to be in the same style as yours. Most importantly, choose the jewel that suits you best, makes you feel comfortable and completes your look.

At BAUNAT, you can find different designs or even place a tailor made order to find an exceptional jewel that will mark this special day.

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