• Why shouldn’t you buy an engagement ring for yourself?
  • Engagement rings for men are gradually gaining in popularity.
  • Buy an engagement ring online together: quick, easy and safe.

An independent woman knows what she wants! You have reaped success by being insistent instead of standing on the side lines, waiting.  Why would your personal life be any different from your professional life? Times are changing and as a woman, there are reasons enough to buy an engagement ring and propose to your man yourself.

Marriage after thirty

A large part of the new generations finds it important to focus on career first. Therefore, more and more people decide to tie the knot after their thirtieth birthday. You don’t wish to wait for your proposal any longer? Buy an engagement yourself and go for it. Engagement rings for men are gradually gaining popularity. But you could just as easily buy an engagement ring for yourself. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. You know what you want, so why not buy an engagement ring online? You could let yourself be inspired by our extensive online collection or you could opt for a tailor-made ring you have designed yourself. You decide!

Puncture traditions

In the past it was customary for the man to pay a visit his girlfriend’s father, to ask for her hand in marriage. Only after his explicit approval could the wedding take place. Can you think of anyone who has done this recently? Marriage, too, is no longer a necessity for some women. They are more and more independent and often even the main breadwinner of the family. So why not buy an engagement ring for him? Bridget, the mighty and wise abbess of the Irish Kildare, deemed as early as the 5th century that women had to wait too long for their proposal. According to the legend, she went on one knee for Saint Patrick, kick starting a new tradition in Ireland: on February the 29th, Leap Day, a woman can ask a man to marry her. And following tradition, he is not allowed to refuse!

Decide together

Nowadays, sometimes even the proposal is omitted. Couples decide among themselves to marry. Is this the case with you and your partner? You could still surprise him. Buy an engagement ring and officially propose to him anyway. Or go engagement ring shopping online together: quick, easy and safe. At BAUNAT you can look at and order wedding rings online as well. Convenient and time efficient when organising your wedding.

Do you want to compare engagement rings? Browse through our extensive collection or contact us for more information. BAUNAT is here to help you as swiftly and smoothly as possible, even from your home.

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