• To what extent can I break with traditions?
  • What if I am out of patience?
  • How can I surprise him once we have decided to get married?

More and more strong women today know very well what they want. They want to move forward in life, and they will not do that by waiting quietly on the side line but by taking charge. Times have changed, and there are plenty of reasons to think about taking matters into your own hands and proposing to your man.

To what extent can I break with traditions?

As the saying goes, 'Rules are meant to be broken'. As far as we are concerned, you can safely extend that to traditions. In the old days, the man had to go to his girlfriend's father to ask for her hand. It was only after his consent that the engagement could be continued. Women are taking more and more initiative and do not seem to be waiting any longer for the blessings of their father.

According to tradition, it is also the man who has to propose. That tradition is usually still followed, so it is original when you as a woman propose to your husband. In Ireland, there is even a special day for this: February 29 or Leap Day. On that day, women can propose to their beloved, and the man may in principle not refuse unless he gave her a present for Easter.

What if I am out of patience?

Will you just wait until he pops the big question? This dilemma is becoming more and more common. Mainly the new generation, the people in their thirties find it more important to first establish a career before marriage. Sometimes, this even leads to struggles in a relationship.

Surprise him by taking the initiative yourself. Engagement rings for men are slowly becoming more popular. And if you do buy a ring for him, you can also buy one for yourself. Two birds with one stone! Since you know exactly what you want, you should not even have to leave the house to buy one. Would you like to be inspired by our wide range or do you want a customized design? The choice is yours.

How can I surprise him once we have decided to get married?

Often, a formal proposal is no longer necessary today. Couples decide 'in mutual consultation' to get married. That makes it a bit less of a surprise. Surprise him anyway with an official proposal and an engagement ring. How much do want to bet he will be taken completely by surprise?

And if you want to decide everything together, then shop online together. At BAUNAT, you can also view and order engagement and wedding rings online.

Would you like a great overview of the different options? Be sure to check out our extensive range online or ask our experts for advice. BAUNAT is happy to help you on your way to a dream proposal and marriage.

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