• What emotional value do diamonds have?
  • How profitable is an investment in diamonds?
  • What makes diamonds a crisis-proof investment?

Property, art, cars ... there are plenty of different ways for you to invest in luxury goods which you can also enjoy. Buying diamonds also means opting for a wearable investment. Although you would be better off investing in loose diamonds for a diversification of your investment portfolio. Interested in the added value of an investment diamond? We can certainly provide you with 3 brilliant reasons!

What emotional value do diamonds have?

Before we take a closer look at the monetary advantages associated with buying diamonds, let’s consider the emotional value this beautiful stone represents. The smart and incredibly successful De Beers marketing campaign resulted in the diamond developing into the ultimate symbol of love. Their famous ‘A diamond is forever’ slogan was the reason for a true marriage between the engagement ring and the diamond.

Ever since then it has seemed unthinkable to purchase an engagement ring without a diamond. The diamond’s emotional value is continuing to grow and is therefore our first reason for investing in diamonds.

How profitable is an investment in diamonds?

If you want to buy diamonds as an investment, you will naturally want to know how profitable this is going to be in the long-term. Do consider the fact that diamonds are a long-term investment. With a guaranteed profit? Diamonds are a natural product and therefore exhaustible too. There are currently still active mines in, to name but a few, Canada, Russia and Botswana, but for how much longer?

We will reach a point where it will become financially, physically and geologically impossible to continue digging in the mines. This imminent scarcity means that, even though the value of your diamond can fluctuate, it can eventually only increase.

What makes diamonds a crisis-proof investment?

It goes without saying that diamonds will also lose a little of their value during a world crisis. But in general it has been noted that these gemstones are well resistant to inflation and market collapses. In addition, the durability of these fantastic stones has made sure that buying diamonds as an investment is one of the safest possible investment purchases.

However, it is important to learn about diamonds yourself and always look for good advice and guidance. And that’s where we come in!

BAUNAT is the worldwide reference for buying diamonds as an investment. Take a look here to see which investment diamonds we offer or contact our experts for additional tailor-made advice.

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