• A tennis bracelet is classy, practical and can be worn both to parties and work.
  • A satellite bracelet is a true eye-catcher, set with brilliant diamonds.
  • A butterfly design bracelet is easy to combine with other accessories.

What do you think about a gold bracelet, ladies? Nice to give, even nicer to get and wonderful to wear, isn’t it? A gold bracelet for ladies is a timeless jewel that can be paired with both classic and modern outfits. You can find them in different models and colours. Continue reading to discover 3 irresistible gold bracelets. Which will you choose?

The tennis bracelet: classy and practical

Did you know that the word ‘tennis bracelet’ actually originated on a tennis court during the US open in 1987? Since then, not only the name, but also the jewel has proven to be a timeless classic. The models in white gold or platinum are the most popular, because of the beautiful reflection of light. This way, the diamonds shine even brighter! Ladies, if you are looking for a timeless gold bracelet, this is definitely a must. A tennis bracelet is a true eye-catcher that can be worn to parties or during the day in the office. The perfect gold bracelet that you can effortlessly combine with different clothing styles. Classy and practical!

Satellite bracelet with a story

The most famous satellite bracelet is without a doubt the engagement bracelet that Jacky Bouvier received from John F. Kennedy. The white gold bracelet was completely set with diamonds and became a symbol of the love between Jacky and John. She wore this bracelet throughout her whole life. Are you looking for a gold bracelet with just that little extra? Than this model is perfect for you. Gift it to someone you care about and write your own story together. This gold bracelet for ladies is a statement piece that looks beautiful. Just like Jacky Kennedy you will radiate when wearing it. You will never want to take it off!

Youthful butterfly design bracelet

The butterfly design bracelet was inspired by the animal kingdom. This subtle gold bracelet for ladies is a popular choice for younger women, because of its playfulness. You can choose between a white gold, yellow gold or red gold bracelet, set with beautiful diamonds of high quality. Red gold, also known as rose gold, is back in trend and very popular among women with red hair. Regardless of the colour you choose, You will always find a ring, a pair of earrings or another type of accessory that you can perfectly combine with your butterfly design bracelet.

Curious about the other gold bracelets we have to offer? Feel free to browse through BAUNAT’s extensive collection. Indicate your material, precious stone and diamond shape of choice to easily find the bracelet of your dreams, or contact us for more information.

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