3 elegant diamond ring styles for your perfect winter wedding

Getting married in the winter season is quite special. It is the season that offers beautiful sceneries of white snow that glitters in the sun and candid blue skies. Brides that choose a winter wedding are looking for the very special holidays season feeling, the contrast of whites and colour, cold and warm that make winters so special. When choosing a theme, brides also need to select the perfect diamond ring that will match their wedding dress, so here are three timeless diamond ring styles that are perfect for your winter wedding.

  • The classic halo
  • The magical cluster
  • The unique trilogy

The classic halo

The classic halo is a perfect diamond ring style as it offers all the sparkle to complement your winter wedding dress. The design is based on a centre gemstone, usually a diamond, being set in circle of smaller ones. The centre stone can be of various shapes, with oval, round and cushion being the most popular ones.

The beauty of this design is that it can be polyvalent and fit all themes, including a winter wedding. You could replace the centre stone with a blue sapphire for a blue and white theme, or even with a ruby for the beautiful contrast of reds and whites, which is an authentic Christmas theme.

The magical cluster

The cluster style is also a great winter diamond ring because it is composed of many small diamonds sparkling like little stars on your finger. There is no set design as the cluster can be of different shapes and sizes which makes it even more magical for a winter wedding.

Cluster rings are usually set with a myriad of diamonds, as they would not commonly be set with coloured stones because they would not have the same final effect as a cluster diamond ring would.

The unique trilogy

The trilogy remains still today a very desirable diamond ring, and we believe it is an ideal winter diamond ring. The trilogy is a three stone ring, set next to each other on the ring band. Sometimes the centre stone is slightly bigger than the side stones, but they can also all be the same size.

This three stone diamond ring has a beautiful meaning which also explains why it is so popular. It represents the past, present and future and in parallel before, now and always. What better way to celebrate the union of two people who love each other than with a trilogy diamond ring that is the ultimate symbol of love?

Have you decided for a winter wedding? Which diamond ring is your favourite and best represents your relationship? Whether you like classics such as the halo ring or original designs like the cluster diamond ring, at BAUNAT we have a wonderful selection of diamond rings that will certainly make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate to browse through our lovely online catalogue of elegant jewellery.

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